Reflect Sentence Examples | Use Reflect in a sentence

1.their success does not necessarily Reflect a leftward shift in politics.

2.such attitudes are valueless unless they Reflect inner cognition and certainty.

3.the rocks absorb more energy than they Reflect.

4.we should all give ourselves time to Reflect

5.the glass appears to Reflect light naturally.

6.overall, he said the changes Reflect shifting attitudes about sex in western societies over the past half century.

7.but how refreshing if it were to Reflect a reawakened sense of courage in the country as a whole.

8.pakistan's ambassador to the united states said the reports were unsubstantiated and "do not Reflect the current on-ground realities. "

9.your own personal behavior as a teacher, outside of school hours, Reflects on the school itself.

10.Reflect deeply to see what initially drew you to this person and why you were so affected.

11.changing the grammar is usually a different sort of task than changing the application logic; and the files Reflect this.

12.the round shape denotes fullness and completeness that Reflect a pursuit in physical and spiritual abundance and perfection. is interesting to Reflect why european colonialism ended.

14.i hope in years to come he will Reflect on his decision

15.the third-quarter results Reflect continued improvements in productivity matter how much you try to adjust the metrics to Reflect what you think you want, it always backfires.

17.capitalist social formations Reflect the interaction, or articulation, of different modes of production.

18.he is a man who does not criticize or Reflect.

19.the valuations Reflect prices at 1 april 1991

20.despite myself, harry's remarks had caused me to stop and Reflect.

21.the start of a new year is a good time to Reflect on the many achievements of the past

22.he said the released documents do not Reflect current on-the-ground realities.

23.the moves Reflect growing alarm over recent events.

24.officials admit the actual number of aids victims is much higher than statistics Reflect.

25.the sun Reflected off the snow-covered mountains

26.things were very much changed since before the war, he Reflected.

27.people who lead busy lives have no time to stop and Reflect.

28.concern at the economic situation was Reflected in the government's budget.

29.the los angeles riots Reflected the bitterness between the black and korean communities in the city

30.let the fragrant drift and drag under the candlelight, Reflect the shadow on the stone as it carries a little bite of clarity and sweetness.

31.the length of stay is decided by an immigration officer at the port of entry and will Reflect the purpose of your journey. a few hundred years history will Reflect that our "great fence" was just as big a failure as hammurabi's wall or the great wall of china.

33.the affair hardly Reflected well on the british

34.taxation would no longer be able to Reflect the preferences of the voters. the new member states did not shrug off the soviet yoke for that.

35.their actions clearly Reflect their thoughts.

36.teachers know that low exam results will Reflect badly on them

37.his image seemed to be Reflected many times in the mirror.

38.the music room had been made to Reflect and deepen sounds.

39.does such an attitudinal change Reflect real experiences in daily life?

40.i Reflected on the child's future.