Refitment Sentence Examples | Use Refitment in a sentence

1.the economics and environmental effect of gas fuel Refitment on in-use vehicles are comprehensively analyzed.

2.development of modern hydraulic forging press and Refitment of existing hydraulic presses

3.the study of sugarbeet machinery Refitment and field work standard in mechanized cultivation

4.Refitment of respiration unit and disinfection of expiratory air

5.technical Refitment and production of 8m~ 2 shaft furnace

6.Refitment of π-type baking channel of finishing line

7.being the main aspect of inertial navigation system, strapdown inertial navigation system ( sins) based on ring laser gyroscope ( rlg) has been applied in the Refitment of service weapons and the development of new weapons.

8.after calculating the volume of storage equipment and the refrigeration quantity, Refitment project is primary designed and analyzing the feasibility of ice storage applied to submarine.

9.Refitment for economic nc lather and its application

10.Refitment of dionex-16 ion chromatography a result of the Refitment of its main installations, 40 3 mg/ m 3 of average mass concentration of dust emission, with dust removing efficiency 99%, is reached.

12.the modernized Refitment of selected operational weapon systems is a good plan for development of military equipment.

13.the improvement in experimentation "Refitment and calibration of ammeter"

14.the modernized Refitment of selected operational weapon systems

15.Refitment of nc machine tool which machined rotor profile of roots blower, and functional allocation of nc system are set forth. machining procedure of rotor profile and its trial run are introduced.

16.this article focuses on the Refitment method and usage effect after Refitment of π-type baking channel of finishing line.

17.this paper brings forward the improvement in view of the existent disadvantages from the traditional barometric water-drenching device by means of the sensor, has carried on two kinds of Refitment, which to the maximum extent can eliminate the hidden danger in this aspect of security.

18.the Refitment of taking biogas as the fuel of engine and its performance parameters optimization experimental research this way, the Refitment will not only result in new military equipment with higher system effectiveness, but also shorten development cycle and decrease cost.

20.a Refitment of the sp& 02 type chromatograph