Refit Sentence Examples | Use Refit in a sentence

1.for dockyards to Refit merchantmen and cruise liners, to fix helicopter platforms, to convert hospital ships& all faster than was thought possible;

2.Refit the safety clips immediately.

3.the liner is in dock for a Refit.

4.in1986, the two ships received their first modernisation Refit to support china's commercial launch services for international customers.

5.Refit the switch console trim. unit or individual shall dismantle or Refit datum instruments or suspend the work concerning measurement examination and determination without the approval of the measurement administration under the state council.

7.taylor has used her growing collection of saws, hammers, screwdrivers, drills and so on to install light fixtures, lay a laminate floor, Refit a bathroom and do her own plumbing.

8.jiangyin automobile Refit factory is located at taihu lake bank& jiangyin city, with convenient sea, road and air transportation.

9.please do not separate, maintain, or Refit the product if you were not a professional.

10.after the company unveiled a digital remastering process to Refit conventional films into imax about a decade ago, the technology became a darling for blockbusters. the near end of the quay, first of may was lashed to the pier, her rocket silos open as she underwent a minor Refit. can be quite expensive in the short term but it is possible to Refit your vehicle to run on gas, ethanol or used fats and vegetable oils.

13.Refit the transfer box onto the transmission.

14.Refit or install the transmission.

15.Refit the conference room have disturbed the office routine.

16.furthermore, it can satisfies the clients 'different demands and the requirement to the system function by the component's reuse, Refit and upgrade.

17.during the war, navy ships were Refitted here.

18.britain's oldest public museum, the ashmolean in oxford, has reopened to visitors after a100-million-dollar Refit.

19.following a recent Refit, these dishes were replaced by three large radomes housing unknown equipment.

20.each of these freedoms is a front along which the organism can search for better ways to Refit itself in a coevolutionary environment.

21.the ship was taken to the plymouth dockyards for a major Refit and capt.'s got to be in port, it's got to be in for Refit, it can only go to one location. puts new costs on retailers who are being forced to Refit their stores, and will inconvenience customers who have to wait longer to be served.

24.the factory Refit and the move upmarket was a response to competitive pressures that have driven many local rivals out of business.

25.he had been ordered to repair and Refit everything, a gargantuan task that would take six months and the entire k-deck tribe.

26.research and application of Refit technology of all-section rock tunnel boring machine

27.and the only other cost will be fifty million to Refit each of submarine.

28.we had ask for quote for Refit the bar.

29.Refit and install environmental air ambulatory monitoring system, and the application in the monitoring services

30.the following procedure should be adopted: remove battery holder by pressing lightly on both sides, insert the battery and Refit the holder.

31.Refit vehicle must be in accordance with the relevant regulations of the premise.

32.Refit transmissionremoving and Refitting the transmission.

33.Refit tie-wraps at the same position during installation.

34.'Refit' is a visually slick (think burg) boot-interrupter that allows you to boot between os x and your linux distribution(s) of choice. the end of february the 7th british armoured division had been withdrawn to egypt to rest and Refit.

36.we have ask for quote for Refit the shop.

37.research and application of overall Refit of open type tbm

38.a printing and packing mechanism factory wanted to Refit the paper delivery system of the mould-cutting machine from the cable manual delivery to the push pedal to-and-fro delivery.