Refining Sentence Examples | Use Refining in a sentence

1.abstract: the synthesis Refining and application of uv-absorber uv-b are studied in this article.

2.the paper generally introduces precious metal catalysts used in petroleum Refining and petrochemical industry according to the reaction types.

3.the melting characteristic of premelted Refining slag and deep desulfurization of molten steel are experimentally studied.

4.white rice is often enriched to replace some nutrients lost during the Refining process.

5.the contents of oxygen, nitrogen and inclusions during Refining were studied quantitatively by metallographic and chemical analysis.

6.chinese officials said the explosion was due to improper injections of desulfurizer, part of the oil-Refining process.

7.nanosized zeolites have gained interest recently. it has been used in Refining and petrochemical industries.

8.barrel and bottom of large size ladles and Refining ladles.

9.scheduling and Refining the operation of these resources will be as if they were in a local shop facility.

10.the effect of different Refining glass agent on the Refining of glass melt was studied in this paper.

11.he said he was still Refining the technique but intended to post full details online soon.

12.the raw material for the tyre is a by-product of petrol Refining.

13.the response of the larch kraft pulp to the combined Refining at the different consistency have been studied.

14.the grain Refining efficiency of grain-Refining aluminium ingots is studied.

15.principal uses include ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil Refining, wastewater processing and chemical synthesis. Refining the platform, they were able to reduce "noise, vibration & harshness " to make a more comfortable ride.

17.intelligent Refining machine (patent product)'s debut, his eyes marks the end of the oil refinery era, the era of the beginning. i can't even remember how much oil we're Refining in a month.

19.the effect of bio-enzymatic treatment on the Refining of bamboo fiber was studied in this paper.

20.finally, the Refining and burning of petroleum and its products can cause air pollution. is also Refining a maturity model that organizations can use to evaluate and improve their capabilities. can be used in oil Refining, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, cold storage, etc. include machine manufacture, petroleum and other mining, petroleum Refining, textile production, and chemical processing.

24.the first, Refining and environmental protection industries inseparable.

25.the advantage of Refining walnut oil by physical Refining and application conditions were discussed. businesses in the western us are usually oil and natural gas drilling, but also Refining.

27.i think Refining the compounds in terms of the balance of their activities is really key, but that's not to say that's trivial .

28.the corrosion prevention techniques during the Refining of crude oil with high acid value are also introduced.

29.controlling the surface flow and design is one of the most demanding tasks when you come into the Refining stage of your model.

30.this paper introduced the network automation system of secondary Refining control system in no.

31.the technology of out-of-furnace treatment is referred to pretreatment of hot metal and Refining of molten steel. is interesting to see that al gore was constantly learning from each presentation and Refining his message and his visuals along the way.

33.the application of magnetic seeding separation process in Refining kaolinite containing coal has been studied.

34.refinery gas is mostly methane and hydrogen produced as a by-product in the many Refining processes.

35.industry: tourism, banking, e-commerce, cement, oil Refining and transshipment.

36.this retains the modularity discovered while writing and Refining manual tests.

37.blowing argon is a main factor for removing inclusions in Refining process.

38.the advantage of Refining at the same time compression and tension; integrated industrial system has been formed in ( china's) petroleum Refining industry.

40.this principle emphasizes the iterative approach to defining and Refining the governance processes and capabilities used within an organization.