Refinery Sentence Examples | Use Refinery in a sentence discusses how to prolong life of Refinery furnace liner with ramming material.

2.the lowest value use of Refinery gas is direct combustion, specifically to cogenerate steam and power. least 10 years of experience in a petrochemical or Refinery manufacturing complex with minimum of 3 years people management experience.

4.the third best use of Refinery gas is as fuel gas to fire radiant-type process furnaces.

5.processing high-sulfur crude oil in Refinery will bring a series of corrosion problems to the process units.

6.the oil is carried to the oil Refinery by pipelines.

7.sulfur and hydrogen sulfide in Refinery dry gas and lpg have a big effect on product quality, downstream units and the environment.

8.dalian petrochemical company has investigated and evaluated the contaminated area in their Refinery by using the standardization method.

9.preparation and application of filter for filtering coking rich gas in cangzhou Refinery were introduced.

10.during world war ii, the Refinery continued to feed the allied war machine despite food shortages and a cholera epidemic among workers.

11.'concern and fear translate into greed, and speculators take [any news of Refinery outages] and hype it into much higher prices, ' he said.

12.application and benefit analysis of Refinery wastewater reuse technology

13.this prevents more than one Refinery from starting up in the application.

14.the most valuable use of Refinery gas is for hydrogen production.

15.a lower value use of Refinery gas is to generate shaft power.

16.sino-russian crude oil Refinery to start construction. first order was from a synthetics gas Refinery in china. a Refinery, the crude oil from underground is separated into natural gas, gasoline, kerosene, and various oils.

19.a Refinery for petroleum. i want to plant a donut tree!

20.sinopec, the chinese refining giant that owns the maoming Refinery and petrochemical complex, declined to comment.

21.the decline in crude quality and changing Refinery product markets is increasing the hydrogen requirements of oil refineries.

22.efficient use of Refinery gas for this application required recovery of the lower level heat by convection-type heat transfer. upgrading some processes to wireless systems, mr shooter believes each Refinery will be able to save at least $1m a year.

24.'the company is still producing and its one Refinery is operating at capacity, ' said ahmed sharif, head of arabian gulf oil co.

25.they have to put up with a giant oil Refinery right on their doorstep.

26.intelligent refining machine (patent product)'s debut, his eyes marks the end of the oil Refinery era, the era of the beginning.

27.he's at the oil Refinery helping with security.

28.imports of crude into china are rising faster than Refinery output, implying elevated commercial and strategic stocks.

29.start with a barracks, power plant, Refinery, then build an air field and get the high technology upgrade.

30.Refinery gas is mostly methane and hydrogen produced as a by-product in the many refining processes.

31.the paper introduces the application of hcmh-100 selective hydrogen analyzer for hydrogen analysis in various Refinery gas samples.

32.vedanta hopes the Refinery will produce at least one million tonnes of alumina a year.

33.further south in chiba prefecture, firefighters battled an out-of-control oil Refinery blaze that spewed fireballs into the sky.

34.Refinery effluent was treated by hydrolysis acidification-aerobic biofilter process with blast furnace slag as packing.

35.the methane-enriched Refinery gas from hydrogen separation can then be steam reformed to meet any additional hydrogen requirements. least 5 years of process control experience in the petrochemical or Refinery industry. blames Refinery bottlenecks for the current rise in oil prices.

38.the result indicates that the ferric citrate catalyst is effective to deal with h_2s highly concentrated Refinery gas.

39.the failure situation and caused damage of johnson outer meshes reforming reactor for jinling company Refinery were recommended.