Refineries Sentence Examples | Use Refineries in a sentence

1.production glitches have affected other regional Refineries, too.

2.and the mining villages have grown into busy towns around iron and steel plants, chemical works and oil Refineries.

3.mercaptans in the light fractions of fcc naphtha from different Refineries were removed by caustic extraction.

4.with oil Refineries out of commission and clogged roadways slowing deliveries, finding gasoline had become a challenge.

5.added to these are sulfur dioxide and other fumes from factories and oil Refineries. the gulf oil will have to be shipped to asia's newer Refineries, which are designed to deal with a wide variety of grades of oil.

7.zhang jianhua, senior vice president, said the company's Refineries were running at 90% capacity. would then start limiting the output from stationary sources including coal plants and oil Refineries. exxon mobil, chevron relied on its Refineries to hold up its bottom line in 2012.

10.when the crude oil is obtained from the field, it is taken to the Refineries to be treated.

11.Refineries are huge "factories" where crude oil is separated into "fractions".

12.from port sudan to luanda, they are building dams, oil Refineries, roads and railways.

13.others point to an increase in fatal accidents and fires at pdvsa's Refineries as proof that its workers are no longer up to snuff.

14.people in those cities work in meat-packing plants, flour mills, dairies and Refineries.

15.more and more Refineries start retrofitting their hydrogen networks to meet the rising environmental regulation and product standard. has also pursued a number of investment plans for Refineries in china and other asian countries. the first data indicating sudden growth began emerging over the summer, many market observers chalked it up to Refineries hoarding crude.

18.there were two huge oil Refineries on the coast.

19.above $80 a barrel and up to $130 a barrel, domestic prices would also move, but chinese Refineries would not make a profit.

20.some oil traders reported problems at several oil terminals and Refineries. others said vessels were still loading.

21.designing energy-efficient domestic Refineries using energy-efficient technologies you've had a breakthrough to get better fuel economy. the solvent removal section, domestic Refineries have also started using pressure tanks to treat sour gas.

23.several international oil companies have backtracked on plans to invest in chinese Refineries.

24.the decline in crude quality and changing refinery product markets is increasing the hydrogen requirements of oil Refineries.

25.but to make the most of it, the world needs more Refineries of a certain design, and those do not spring up overnight.

26.a friend of mine worked in one of his Refineries.

27.the result: some asian palm-oil producers have scrapped their plans for biodiesel Refineries, and only a few new plants have come on line.

28.the advance means the rebels control the main oil Refineries and terminals in the east.

29.the trade in stolen oil now involves a sophisticated criminal network and international traders who provide oil at discounted prices to Refineries in west africa, china and india.

30.if power stations, Refineries, banks and air-traffic-control systems were brought down, people would lose their lives. should follow up with curbs on Refineries, cement plants and other polluters. selecting feedstock, Refineries should preferably use high-sulfur crude and raise the shares of heavy and poor-quality oils.

33.oil exploration-producing crude-oil which is transported to Refineries.

34.tip: Refineries can exploit owned and adjacent resource asteroids. asteroids can only support so many Refineries at a time though.

35.in2000 truckers blocked Refineries, prompting a run on petrol.

36.the oil industry is marked by an element of danger , hence the siting of Refineries is at a distance from population centers .

37.saudi arabia's state-owned oil company is investing in Refineries in china's fujian and shandong provinces.

38.the amine desulfuration technology is the mostly widely used desulfuration technology for various Refineries and gas plants.

39.downstream assets include Refineries, which distill crude into different chemicals, including gasoline.

40.the sources and characteristics of brine wastewater in petroleum Refineries are introduced.