Refinement Sentence Examples | Use Refinement in a sentence the paper the development of the Refinement and modification of montan wax is reviewed.

2.the grain Refinement and formation of intermetallic play an important role for improving the performance in the laser cladding layer.

3.further Refinement is possible by ranking the proposals or simply excluding individual proposals in examining the gap.

4.perhaps that's a Refinement you could make for your own site.

5.hallward painted away with that marvellous bold touch of his, that had the true Refinement and perfect delicacy in art., arnold will be the first time such a request to carry out the Refinement.

7.similar Refinement processes transform other plants like poppies and coca into heroin and cocaine.

8.interoperability is most easily established by the creation, adoption, and Refinement of standards.

9.even today mercantile morality is really nothing but a Refinement of piratical morality.

10.there have been no fundamental changes to the process over the last five years although it has been subject to continuous Refinement.

11.they are not exponents of high fashion, Refinement, and elegance.

12.older cars inevitably lack the latest safety Refinements.

13.a high degree of taste and Refinement formed by aesthetic and intellectual training.

14.this paper studies on extraction and Refinement of grape seed oil.

15.all the elegance, all the Refinement of high society was gathered there.

16.she's the personification of culture and Refinement.

17.the elegance of a line depends above all on the purity and Refinement of its construction. of the primary goals of this course is the development and Refinement of critical analysis and argument.

19.some means increasing strength and the theory of grain Refinement in hsla steel are discussed.

20.also like the insignia, the new astra has spent over 600 hours in the wind tunnel, benefiting performance, economy and overall Refinement.

21.a rule of Refinement: it is usually deemed to "urbanity" and "literacy" to be elegant when speaking and behave gentle.

22.during the requirements phase of a project, analysts can take use cases to the next level by providing a more formal level of Refinement.

23.the cultivation of personality is both moral and aesthetic, and it requires both scholarship and Refinement.

24.the tools, the training, and the techniques should be under constant Refinement.

25.throughout the Refinement phase, visual designers should develop and maintain a visual style guide. attempt to convey or maintain the appearance of Refinement and elegance.

27.the aggregation features allow a user even further Refinement over the amount and nature of content they receive.

28.during initial development these two steps can be combined to allow easy creation and Refinement of prototype services.

29.this will allow for further Refinement and manipulation of form elements.

30.the composition of fossil fuels varies with source, type, and degree of Refinement.

31.the process of software Refinement include data Refinement and process Refinement.

32.let me offer a few more related observations, by way of extension and Refinement, not contradiction. this new system, the balance between resistance to damage and flexibility has been raised to a new level by means of a sophisticated Refinement of the coating.

34.the quality of lacking taste and Refinement.

35.good manners and correct speech are marks of Refinement.

36.create a move Refinement between the input general recommendation and the output recommendation.

37.and mrs. hale, in particular, had a certain wan Refinement not out of keeping with her pale old-fashioned house.

38.with some more tests and Refinement our method could in future be applied on a bigger scale.

39.the progress in Refinement of machine tools has been substantial in recent years.