Refined Sentence Examples | Use Refined in a sentence

1.we have Refined our techniques considerably since the work began.

2.he Refined upon the older methods.

3.their knowledge and sensibility made them the most Refined of its representatives. double fugue water back rub kidney, renal blood down into the house into a fine, three fire guiyuan Refined gas refining.

5.the governance process and framework is modified and Refined to support the scoping, prioritization, and funding.

6.tang poetry is like a noble prince whose behaviour is Refined and tasteful.

7.the figures include crude and Refined petroleum products such as diesel and kerosene. crude oil is Refined by distilling is studied in chemical engineering.

9.the fluent api methods have been Refined to be more intuitive.

10.Refined and a tasteful, they are a spectacular flower to give and receive. includes crude and Refined palm oil, coffee, pepper and tea.

12.bernanke said the u. s. strategy "will continue to evolve and be Refined as we adapt to new developments and the inevitable setbacks. " can also be ornamental openwork of a very Refined and intricate design.

14.when you're in that state it's easy to succumb to chips, cookies, pretzels or other highly Refined carbohydrate snacks.

15.the exports increase demand for the corn from which most us ethanol is Refined.

16.sweden institute compares with him to have cicero literary talent caesar big emperor (promulgation Refined language).

17.different but in some ways similar methods have been used in the united states and further Refined.

18.his speech and manner are Refined.

19.he has a Refined sense of taste and is able to tell what spices are used with only one bite.

20.he has Refined his taste and manners. use sea salt in your cooking. do not use Refined sugars. eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch, and a pauper for dinner.

22.Refined sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly.

23.Refined sugar has had all the impurities removed.

24.they scattered and cultural stories in a Refined performance of the world.

25.i'm not Refined, soi can only put this bluntly.

26.avocado oil Refined may be directly applied as the skin and hair.

27.oil is Refined to remove naturally occurring impurities.

28.for energy planners, a crucial question is how much this technology would cost if Refined and installed on a bigger scale.

29.from head to toe, middleton seems to have adopted the same timeless taste as diana spencer -- classic, simple and Refined.

30.collectively , these improvements produce a much Refined image that, to say it again for emphasis, looks both elegant and natural.

31.we have become more Refined, more subtle.

32.the coker gas oil was Refined by benzyl alcohol extraction., i knew that definitely some people after looking at this title will accuse me to be exaggerating its Refined language.

34.the false alert filter has been further Refined and the design of the alert window has been optimized.

35.language support& support for internationalization has been Refined and expanded.

36.surgical techniques are constantly being Refined. product is perfect, but every product can be Refined with time and use and feedback.

38.this technique is becoming more Refined and more acceptable all the time.