Refine Sentence Examples | Use Refine in a sentence

1.i combine digital data with hand drawings, and then Refine it.

2.we can now invest in further work to Refine, and ultimately to expand, genetic treatment approaches.

3.the friction stir technology can Refine grain and enhance rigidity of metals. patterns usually Refine the design model to capture frequently used or complex structures and processes.

5.managers should Refine this evaluation iteratively, as they plan, assess, and manage their portfolio management approach. of taste can Refine the mind. making our thinking visible, they can help us to understand, Refine and communicate our ideas. of my tests used a query to select records into a temp table and then a second query to further Refine the results from the temp tables.

9.Refine good action and show it out with music.

10.we will continue to Refine these processes to better study and understand the sophisticated nature of herbal medicines.

11.get out of the conference room and Refine and revise as you learn lessons in actual practice.

12.this dense but succinct definition explains what an architect must do to effectively capture and Refine requirements. can see from this discussion of why the team needs to Refine and review requirements that we have inadvertently defined what we mean by review and Refine. promote the development of the development zone, and a staff members have more drudgery and Refine system, a vigil for more than a year, hard work, and achieved great success.'s running into its own regulatory roadblocks trying to partner up with companies to mine and Refine rare earths in vietnam.

16.the feature can Refine this requirement to be: "system should use a relational database".

17.mdsd consists of a set of transformations that progressively Refine knowledge, requirements, and design of complex systems.

18.research, apply, and Refine

19.beck invited ron jeffries to the project to help develop and Refine these methods. achieve this, you need to further Refine the filter.

21.Refine the system architecture to support the new context and requirements.

22.i was able to help Refine their workflows and build custom tools.

23.simple phrase, eye-catching highlights. 2 sentence sought to Refine and easy to understand advertising. Refine our recommendation: services should be named using nouns, operations should be named using verbs.

25.refer to the discussion of the elaboration phase above for information on the Refine requirements and design components activities.

26.the most they could have done was to lock mr. hatch up while he cooled off for a few days, or Refine him a little something.

27.obtain and Refine market and customer demand, responsible for product requirement management and product defining tasks.

28.i can use these diagrams to analyze a completed project or to Refine the build process for a project that's still in development.

29.implement an early, end-to-end technical prototype, test its performance and throughput, and Refine capacity estimates.

30.the difference is subtle, but fundamental: it is now possible to further Refine the result of a query through a second query.

31.establishing team values and adhering to them has helped us build a successful culture and Refine our interview process.

32.with the power of advanced technique, we evolve and Refine principle.

33.they Refine sugar using this way.

34.i designed him in max as i was modeling, later taking him into z brush to Refine all the surface.

35.for a start, apple has had the tablet field to itself for a year, allowing it to Refine its offering and raise the bar for rivals.

36.oil is Refined to remove naturally occurring impurities.

37.discussions with other researchers at these meetings can help you to Refine your research questions to the most pertinent.

38.a lot of new classes are also created during service realization to Refine the service components and services.

39.surgical techniques are constantly being Refined.