Refill Sentence Examples | Use Refill in a sentence

1.i had to make a doctor's appointment for an annual check-up and ask for a prescription Refill yesterday afternoon. simple? not where i work.

2.the company has appointed responsible persons for maintenance, replacement, Refill and regular check of the systems.

3.what is capacity, and how often will i need to Refill my humidifier?

4.i've finished all these pills; i have to get a Refill.

5.max held out his cup for a Refill.

6.i'll Refill my cigarette lighter with gas. make it a habit to check and Refill your tires once a month.

8.we include a Refill with every ballpointed pen we sell.

9.he got a Refill of his prescription.

10.easy solution: if you want to carry water with you, why not get a reusable bottle and Refill it?

11.i can give you a generic Refill that's different from the one you started with.

12.if you use the last sheet of paper in the copy machine, Refill the tray, and if you drink the last drop of coffee, make another pot.

13.the reason is simply that there is still a need to check the shelves within the store to Refill before an out-of-stock situation occurs.

14.a friend to Refill it for me da you, thank you.

15.the medication guides are intended to be distributed at the pharmacy with each prescription or Refill of a medication.

16.i need to get a Refill on this medicine.

17.each Refill bottle of nivea for men shaving conditioner lasts up to three months under regular use conditions.

18.chuck, you've nearly finished your drink& do you want a Refill?

19.i Refilled our wine glasses.

20.Refill reminders from pharmacies and insurance companies can also help women stick with their medication. selected petrol stations in germany and america, customers will be able to Refill one of their two tanks with liquid hydrogen.

22.does a Refill seem different than what you have taken before?

23.queue a dma getb to Refill the buffer with more data after the existing data is stored back.

24.excuse me. i need to Refill this prescription.

25.but before we go on, could i have a Refill?

26.please Refill the salt shaker.

27.and when you're done with those, you could Refill it with new titles. can go back to Refill your plate as often as you like.

29.can you give me two Refill of each color for the ballpoint pen?

30.alan yentob was quite fussy and didn't look me in the eye, just held out his empty glass when he wanted a Refill.

31.the paper discussed the construction technology and attentions of retailing backwall Refill for flowing cement flyash.

32.there was a wine expert and someone whose job it was to drop by every three minutes and Refill your water glass.

33."the government has got to make some hard choices to Refill the coffers, " he said.

34.Refill your card to use the balance. the way, can i have a Refill later?

36.he held out his glass for an old waiter to Refill.

37.Refill packs are cheaper and lighter.

38.can you just Refill it once more?

39.this can take a few minutes, so it might be a good time to get a Refill on your coffee.