Referring Sentence Examples | Use Referring in a sentence

1.i was Referring to your patient.

2.this is one. clearly, this was not Referring to the3.09 professor.

3.developers were like "dragons and fish jumbled together" , he said, Referring to a mixture of high and low-quality companies.

4.what's this novel all about?; there were lots of questions Referring to her talk.

5.these procedures generally include those Referring to quality management processes and to product realization processes.

6.test method and sampling quantity Referring to appendix attached.

7.i was Referring to your manners.

8.Referring to practical data, the realization method was presented.

9.i imagine you're Referring to jean-paul sartre

10.i wasn't Referring to you when i made those comments.

11.are you Referring to anyone in particular?

12.i'm Referring to each of you respectively.

13."we did not know where our coffers were, but now we do, " he said, Referring to oil and gas.

14.are you Referring to my failures with you?

15.this is explained by Referring to a well-known phenomenon, the changes in the earth's magnetic field.

16.i'm Referring to your visit to india and pakistan.

17.but, i think he was Referring to the "convincing them" part of the process.

18.woods posted two tweets tuesday of photos from his ea sports shoot at isleworth, Referring to one as a "tough day at the office. " saying this i am not Referring to theory.

20.but she wasn't Referring to a choice between paper and plastic.

21.this has no ambiguity; you know exactly which element i am Referring to in either case. .

22.we are Referring to your guides, and any higher being whose presence you might have invoked.

23.on Referring to our earlier correspondence, i find that i had mistaken the date for completion.

24.who's this woman that he's Referring to?

25.the case you are Referring to is closed.

26.this article presents five suggestions on building our country's financing system of minor enterprises by Referring foreign experiences.

27.'my children can't even watch 'babe, '' she laughed, Referring to the children's fable about a talking pig who loses his mother. example of Referring to a class in a namespace is shown below.

29.when i said that some people were stupid i was not Referring to you.

30.can the person who is Referring you make an introductory call? the context of this article, i'm Referring to the platform variation.

32.we will be Referring to this article for the rest of the term.

33."you will not change them" - Referring to men as though your only option is accepting your fate as an egyptian girl in a backward society.

34."it's such a neat thing, " she said, Referring to the past ties between the west texas desert and antarctica's glaciers.

35."we've had a customer satisfaction guarantee for a long time, " she said, Referring a reporter to the company web site.

36.i am not Referring to all of you; i know those i have chosen.

37."you know what i'm talking about, " mrs. claus told the obamas, Referring to the couple's nights out on the town together.

38.i was Referring to my husband.

39.if he is told that this (Referring to the above examples) is the best the harmonica can produce, you can imagine what his opinion will be.