Referrer Sentence Examples | Use Referrer in a sentence

1.anywhere that users can add links by themselves, including within comments, trackbacks, and Referrer lists.

2.http Referrer report-this displays the link that the order came from. may notice that on some orders there is an affiliate, but you are still listed as a Referrer.

4.this means that you will be credited even if your Referrer does not sign-up on the first day.

5.adds a Referrer property to the header collection and sets it to the value of the document url.

6.much like the ip address, the Referrer is useful as a heuristic, but is no substitute for a real state tracking mechanism. fact, the intention of web services is to allow amazon associates ( their paid Referrer program) a more flexible way to build web storefronts to help sell more amazon products. google search engine traffic was the fourth largest Referrer.

9.the creative commons server gets a reference to the http Referrer when you clicked through the link.

10.before you even know if you've obtained the interview, send your Referrer a thank-you note.

11.they send requests to target sites with the client link in the Referrer field.

12.for each visited web page, the following information is displayed: url, first visit date, last visit date, visit counter, Referrer, title, and host name.

13.turn Referrer logging off if you do not want one site to know which other site you just came from.

14.this is called "Referrer spam".

15.your potential Referrer can then take the time to thoughtfully consider whether or not she is comfortable making an introduction before responding to you with her answer.

16.both of these ways would be an affiliate order, but list you as the Referrer.

17.if your intended Referrer is your best college pal or aunt winnie, proceed with caution. are generated for each link found and each page read, returning url, meta tags, document type, Referrer, host name, . . .

19.lastly, if there are any elements that you require, use a proper http status code to convey the problem with some link back to the original Referrer indicating the error so they can fix things. the event the Referrer is promoted to an introducing agent, the Referrer bonus will be deducted from any payments that become due and payable.

21.Referrer spam ( when spam sites pretend to refer users to a target site that lists Referrers)

22.invalid Referrer is an alert that communicates either one of two things.

23.Referrer report-break down per Referrer. keeping with the prior examples , we will display the Referrer and resource of a hit , but only when the request has a status code of.