Referred Sentence Examples | Use Referred in a sentence

1.the driving forces that create the stimuli for a project are typically Referred to as problems, opportunities, or business requirements.

2.someone who has continuing problems after a concussion might be Referred by the doctor to a rehabilitation specialist for additional help.

3.the register Referred to in subsection (1) shall be kept at the same place as the company's register of members.

4.the patient should be Referred for tests immediately.

5.a special resolution under this section is in this ordinance Referred to as a resolution for reducing share capital.

6.walt and i Referred to a video cassette of the original footage to check continuity and lighting.

7.the relative items in this report will be Referred to the committee for discussion.

8.the director Referred to your work in glower terms.

9.delegates can be bound to a single method or to multiple methods, Referred to as multicasting.

10.we have Referred freely to his ideas

11.the case was Referred to a higher court.

12.our economy is Referred to as a free market.

13.the counsellor Referred her to another therapist. one stage he Referred to anna as john's fianc é e, but later said that was a slip of the tongue. bryan also Referred me to a book by the american journalist anthony scaduto.

16.marcia had Referred to him as a dear friend

17.dear sir, your letter of the 9th october has been Referred to us.

18.he Referred the matter to the attorney general for possible action against several newspapers

19.her chinese friends Referred to the empress as their venerable ancestor.

20.the teacher Referred to in my last letter has gone abroad.

21.the enantiomer that rotates the plane to the right is Referred to as the dextrorotatory.

22.these three vectors are noncolors, but are often Referred to inappropriately as nonreal colors.

23.this is often Referred to as runtime binding or late binding.

24.the subject has been Referred to cursorily in the preface.

25.nearly 100 law firms are being Referred to the solicitors 'disciplinary tribunal.

26.patients are mostly Referred to hospital by their general practitioners his speech, he Referred to a recent trip to canada.

28.the case is being Referred to the court of appeal.

29.teachers in kindergarten are sometimes Referred to as leaders of children.

30.indeed, it is often Referred to as the "control" center of the brain.

31.parish priests have Referred to it in their sermons.

32.he simply Referred to him as ronnie this condition, they are sometimes Referred to collectively as the chromatin of the nucleus.

34.such species are Referred to by the general term electrophiles. and then i Referred a client to him.

36.he Referred briefly to his notebook.

37.stempel memorably Referred to the contract as a "win-win" when it actually was a "win-lose. " could be forgiven for thinking that these men are the british geniuses Referred to in the title.

39.the two countries Referred the matter to the united nations.

40.the decision must be Referred back, as there is now fresh information to be considered.