referral Sentence Examples | Use referral in a sentence

1.i started using twitter more actively only 6 months ago and believe it or not, twitter is now one of my best referral source!

2.unfortunately, up-to-date information about waiting lists is not usually available to the gp and patient when they decide about a referral. aid can often provide referral to other types of agencies your contact willing to provide a referral?

5.tangible benefits have endeared referral programmes to employers, particularly the opportunity to cut recruitment budgets. nearly all cases, the sites did not sell insurance policies online, but rather served as a means for easy comparison and referral.

7.when was the last time you left the doctor's office without a prescription, test or referral? this paper, we construct a scalable distributed referral network in p2p and propose a heuristic algorithm f.

9.a "referral" is a recommendation of one person to another.

10.referral url will help you to increase your credits and there is no limit.

11.there was also a rare referral to the international criminal court.

12.of course i can give a referral, and i tell her so, but i suggest she take a few days to consider the matter. a member you have access to detailed statistics of your earnings and your referral's activity.

14.they may even give you a referral. counselling, one has to be honest and explain that a referral does not guarantee success.

16.create referral programs and reward your employees for referring other employee candidates "who are just as great as you" .

17.there have been some successful pregnancies after referral of both men and women to arusha for more complex diagnostics and treatment.

18.dave mcclure dubbed them "metrics for pirates": acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue.

19.if we can make a deal, we are going to pay you referral fee in cash!

20.just give your referral link and people will trip all over themselves to join.

21.a referral was returned from the server.

22.i recently received a call from a headhunter for a referral about one of my former staff.

23.also, i have seen many users claiming that their referral's clicks dropped after becoming golden.

24.she then said to me that i needed a neurologist, i told her i had tried to get a referral and had been refused.

25.depending of the number of ad points you make, you will receive new referrals in your referral group.

26.the standard of care included clinical evaluation and documentation, clinical management, counselling and referral mechanisms.

27.rural doctors are satisfied with their experience and70% plan to practise as specialists in a referral hospital.

28.ask your doctor for a referral to a clinical psychologist. addition, who and the ministry of health conducted practical training seminars on early diagnosis, referral procedures and clinical management to doctors and nurses from dili and other provinces.

30.still, he thinks referral schemes are valuable and offer scope for innovation.

31.hispanic americans with high blood pressure need more screening and referral to primary care. is the client's responsibility to retry the update at the referral address.

33.the company is also offering help with financing and immigration referral services for potential chinese buyers.

34.the panel shall circulate its report within 90 days after the date of referral of the matter to it.

35.when he calmed down, she promised to help, sorted out his demands and got him a referral he needed.

36.panel on communications among data bases referral data component is not registered in the database.

37.this means that in the future two-way referral of patients to enjoy the entire process of tracking medical services.

38.referral group had not received apitherapy more than 2 months but did not stay for the treatment of male and female patients return visit. information is downloaded from the referral service to your computer, the bar fills up.

40.when making your referral request, ask your contact whether she is comfortable providing a referral.