Referential Sentence Examples | Use Referential in a sentence

1.this category of overhead includes check constraint verification and foreign key constraint ( Referential integrity ( ri)) verification.

2.specifically, you enable the Referential integrity and cascade delete related records options.

3.the cassion shipping result shows that this method is practicable and has Referential value for the similar cassion shipping. at last, this painting still needs to be represented in the form of oil painting. this one is just a Referential sketch.

5.this will not affect the Referential integrity or primary-foreign key relationships between the tables in the membership database.

6.research contents in this paper have a certain Referential significance for enterprises in reducing their financing cost.

7.the reading of pragmatic provides a good defence for Referential vagueness.

8.the realization of Referential metonymy in language is nouns in lexicon.

9.Referential integrity constraints enforce the relational structure of the database.

10.this research result is of more important Referential value to the infrared detection of space targets.

11.the next example shows how check and Referential constraints are used in a more complex example.

12.think of transaction handling and Referential integrity.

13.Referential integrity is not enforced in the new list.

14.triggers, unlike Referential and check constraints, can even be used to update other tables.

15.on the one hand fitting perfectly into the architecture of the building, and on the other with a Referential twist on dutch history.

16.this is the default Referential integrity action.

17.user-defined integrity enforces some specific business rules that do not fall into entity, domain, or Referential integrity categories. is of Referential and warning values for the consideration of today's construction of political civilization. enforce Referential integrity by enabling it for a table relationship (see enforce Referential integrity for step-by-step instructions).

20.unique, primary key, Referential, check, and functional dependency constraints are supported. is Referential to evaluate visual range of night vision system through analyzing the results.

22.complex as the mingqing dynasty notes are, they are of important Referential value for research to some extent.

23.Referential integrity cannot be enforced on linked tables. can also set the join type, or enforce Referential integrity and choose a cascade option.

25.for these design data integrity between tables, collectively referred to as Referential integrity.

26.conclusions obtained have certain Referential value for parameters adjustment.

27.the Referential integrity update rule will be changed. make sure your data is not out of sync, you can enforce Referential integrity between the titles and publishers tables.

29.however, the Referential integrity would not have been enforced.

30.this table uses Referential integrity constraints to ensure data validity.

31.these practices have positive inspiration and Referential significance for the innovation and development of distance education in our country. semantics, conceptual meaning ( sense), also called Referential meaning, is the core of meaning.

33.the vacancy in vocabulary mainly exists in its Referential and pragmatic connotation.

34.gramsci's theory has an important Referential significance for the construction of china's contemporary culture and ideology.

35.and, of course, the most self-Referential form of failure is the failure to see when you're failing.

36.introspecting this period of history we set a Referential historical coordination for the present.

37.Referential integrity is not enforced in the relationships between data in the lists.

38.a relationship that does not enforce Referential integrity appears as a thin line between the common fields supporting the relationship.

39.this is a Referential method for the identification of chinese drugs.