Referendum Sentence Examples | Use Referendum in a sentence

1.thus britain would have to hold a Referendum to adopt the single currency or to cede its vetoes over eu foreign policy, for instance.

2.the prime minister is facing a revolt by party activists over his refusal to hold a Referendum

3.austrians voted for eu membership by a two-to-one majority in a june 1994 Referendum, but the honeymoon is definitely over

4.see also ballot initiative and Referendum.

5.the former foreign secretary sir malcolm rifkind said he believed a vote for a Referendum would make britain a "laughing stock" . the Referendum many people abstained.

7.this draft Referendum raises the question of what taiwan should be called in the international community.

8.the next election is unlikely to be a Referendum on energy policy and much more likely to be about broader economic issues.

9.the Referendum will bring puerto rico one step closer to cutting the island's umbilical cord to the united states

10.but the Referendum produced a clear vote to retain the monarchy.

11.voters in britain have rejected in a Referendum a proposal to change the way members of parliament are elected.

12.he described the Referendum as a one-horse race

13.three-fourths of the public say they favor a national Referendum on the issue.

14.the groundswell of opinion is in favour of a Referendum.

15.estonia said it too planned to hold a Referendum on independence.

16.during the lisbon treaty Referendum the european commission made clear that this was not and would not be under threat.

17.they proposed to give the people an alternative and a last resort-the initiative and Referendum.'s kind of a Referendum, though a lot of issues are packed in.

19.he organised a Referendum to approve a constitutional change declaring socialism irrevocable.

20.the conference approved a proposal for a Referendum.

21.a Referendum would be divisive.

22.the voter show their opposition to the government by voting against the proposal in the Referendum.

23.a Referendum showed beyond doubt that voters wanted independence general, it was the better-educated voters who voted yes in the Referendum.

25.i voted` no 'in the Referendum.

26.he risks defeat in the Referendum which he called, but which threatens to boomerang against him.

27.he told waiting journalists that he did not expect a Referendum to be held for several months.

28.president kaunda fulfilled his promise of announcing a date for the Referendum.

29.parliament has bowed to the demand for a Referendum next year. experts doubt the constitutionality of a Referendum to call for a rerun of an election. our 1980 Referendum on quebec, the result was a clear cut victory for canada.

32.the Referendum might have become a protest vote against the long-serving taoiseach.

33.peaceful acceptance of the Referendum outcome expected next month is only the first step.

34.i think your readers will end up feeling deceived by cameron over the question of a Referendum.

35.the germans hope that mr brown, like mr sarkozy, will be ready to push a new treaty through parliament, without a Referendum.

36.rose won his title only a year after australians had voted overwhelmingly in a Referendum to recognise indigenous australians' rights.

37.some industrialists believe the government should grasp the nettle of devaluation before the Referendum takes place.

38.they warned him that a Referendum might cause an explosion in the country.