referenda Sentence Examples | Use referenda in a sentence

1.the author holds that referenda are not a double-edged sword but a beneficial complementarity to the people's congress system.

2.the united states is not opposed to referenda;

3.since then there have been thirty-one state referenda defining marriage as one man and one woman.

4.the idea is that people enjoy being able to determine policies directly through referenda and small-scale government.

5.referenda and initiative efforts are underway for the 2012 elections in missouri, alabama, michigan, florida, california, and elsewhere.

6.the united states is not opposed to referenda ; taiwan is as entitled to hold referenda as is any other democracy. un headquarters, heads of state warned that sudan's future depends on the successful outcome of referenda next year, in which the south of the country will vote on possible independence from the north.

8.making choices "as a country" cannot be avoided in some cases, such as elections or referenda. will also increase the spectrum of our choices, beyond the binary options of "yes" or "no" referenda .

10.referenda are appropriate when the constitutional order is being changed. the last twenty years, referenda held in quebec for possible separation from canada, were narrowly defeated.

12.the country usually holds several referenda a year.

13.local elections and referenda in may dealt him serious blows: his approval ratings are below 25 percent.

14.the reasons that a greek election would be preferable to a referendum are to do with the nature of referenda and the current crisis.