Reference Sentence Examples | Use Reference in a sentence specifically Referenced hermann noordung's classic 1928 book on this subject.

2.he made only a veiled Reference to international concerns over human rights issues the above example, the injected value for sbean2 would be that of the sca Reference sbean2 and not the ejb Reference of the same name.

4.for ease of Reference, only the relevant extracts of the regulations are included. some schools, christmas carols are being modified to exclude any Reference to christ.

6.he made no Reference to any agreement

7.this might be done without Reference to parliament has many omissions; even so, it is quite a useful Reference book.

9.this book is a scientific Reference work and was chosen by a special committee in the united states as the best book authored by one person.

10.cruyff has always been a Reference, and guardiola has transmitted this to us ever since he arrived.

11.make a note of the Reference number shown on the form.

12.please keep this sheet in a safe place for Reference.'s a non-trivial error to call it a 'Reference case, ' as the iea has done.

14.they publish Reference books was an oblique Reference to his mother

16.the government has announced the terms of Reference for its proposed committee of inquiry.

17.but actually, some scholars have opposing views and believe that it is only statistical data and should only be used for Reference.

18.there are several Reference books which have been compiled to help you make your choice. we still have any fixed point of Reference in the teaching of english?

20.the booklet is very practical and handy of Reference.

21.this article can be read for Reference.

22.a Reference to columns or expressions in the main table(s) is called an outer Reference and the subquery is said to be correlated.

23.the details are filed away by his three secretaries for future Reference.

24.Reference books may not be taken out of the reading room.

25.convert a string matching the symbolic name of a class or function into a Reference to or invocation of that class or function.

26.i'm calling in Reference to your series on prejudice. a basic theory of regional economic development, it has a lot of rational ingredients to be used for Reference.

28.he summed up his philosophy, with Reference to calvin.

29.with Reference to your requirements, i shall, without reservation, recommend . . . as an ideal candidate.

30.these Reference books are necessary to us.

31.we know we're dealing with someone with a different frame of Reference.

32.the library contains a large number of foreign language Reference books. these notes carefully and keep them for future Reference.

34.the crowd chanted 'no poll tax', a Reference to the government's new local taxation system

35.the firm offered to give her a Reference.

36.the route is best seen by Reference to the map. Reference to their existence appears in any literature of the period.

38.i am writing with Reference to your article on salaries for scientists Reference books are to be taken out of the reading room without permission.

40.i'm looking for an illustrator to develop a book in a similar style to the attached. it's just a Reference.