Recurrence Sentence Examples | Use Recurrence in a sentence

1.the main reason of treatment failure in local advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma is distant metastasis and local Recurrence.

2.the Recurrence formula for beam transform in bending was deduced. occurrence of re-tear or re-operation due to symptom Recurrence. type of disease and Recurrence of disease research center has been eliminated mainly the re-emergence of disease research.

5.objective to evaluate the relationship between surgical procedures and Recurrence and complications of pleomorphic adenoma in parotid gland.

6.patients were matched for factors associated with hcc Recurrence and survival.

7.there seems to be a Recurrence of 'septimus-like' language in her thoughts.

8.probability of hbv Recurrence was0% and9% at2 and4 years after hbig discontinuation.

9.we investigated the association between gene methylation and Recurrence of the tumor.

10.a sudden occurrence ( or Recurrence) of a disease. the engine kicked back.

11.ferguson has already had gary neville pull out of the england friendly in holland in midweek with a Recurrence of a calf injury.

12.displays current dates that are being considered exceptions to the Recurrence rules for this event or to-do.

13.main outcome measures invasive breast cancer event ( Recurrence or new primary) or death from any cause.

14.thus, they remain after tumors shrink and may be responsible for cancer Recurrence and metastasis.

15.background: intravesical therapy for superficial bladder cancer after turb-tis aimed to prevent postoperative Recurrence and progression.

16.a meta-analysis was conducted to investigate the impact of al on disease Recurrence and long-term survival. the Recurrence of initial consonant sounds in two or more words which are close to each other in a sentence.

18.chemotherapy is of great significance in the implementation of radical operation and prevention of tumor Recurrence. the cox proportional hazards model, waitlist time was also not a significant predictor of hcc Recurrence.

20.whether crp can be regarded as a marker of post-operational Recurrence and metastasis remains further study.

21.police are out in force to prevent a Recurrence of the violence.

22.overall, women who did not complete radiation had a slightly higher risk of cancer Recurrence over the next 5 years.

23."the patients with disease Recurrence had these immunosuppressive molecules in their tumors," he said.

24.all the patients were followed up for 36 to 51 months, and there was one case of Recurrence.

25.due to the impression of recto colon ca with Recurrence liver metastasis, he is admitted for chemotherapy.

26.although many surgical methods have been suggested, an ideal method is still lacking because of high Recurrence rates.

27.she underwent surgery and chemotherapy for a Recurrence of her ovarian cancer.

28.radionecrosis must be differentiated from cancer Recurrence following curative radiotherapy for early laryngeal cancer.

29.results the whole group were cured, surgery time was short, get out of bed in the early, non-wound infection and no Recurrence of cases.

30.two groups received the same adjuvant postoperative chemotherapy scheme.2-year survival, local Recurrence and distant metastasis were analyzed.

31.s.a.the operative procedure, surgical indication, ability recovery, postoperative pain, complications and Recurrence rate were studied.

32.cancer cells evade immune surveillance is the important reasons of Recurrence and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma.

33.tumor size, surgical margin and previous surgical history were not associated with local Recurrence.

34.histopathological examination confirmed metanephric adenoma. she was followed up for one year and there was no Recurrence or metastasis.

35.tamoxifen was the first estrogen modulator shown to increase survival and reduce the risk of breast cancer Recurrence.

36.even a few glasses of wine or cocktails a week may increase risk of Recurrence for breast cancer survivors, researchers found.

37.tapp is safe and effective, the Recurrence rate and complications are acceptable.

38.results: there was no Recurrence or tumor metastasis at a mean flow-up of 10 months.

39.metastasis and Recurrence are the difficulties for cancer treatment.

40.however, follow-up in most studies was short. we aimed to determine the long-term risk of hbv Recurrence using this strategy.