Recidivation Sentence Examples | Use Recidivation in a sentence

1.but now, we still can not clearly understand its nosogenesis, furthermore, the infiltration and invasion of leukemia cells outside the marrow are still the most important reasons for Recidivation and the death of patients.

2.castration+ estrogenic hormones was used in 11 later prostate cancer patients, the effective rate was 81.9%, the Recidivation rate was 44.4%, the average time of Recidivation is 29.1 months.

3.objective to study the clinical application and value of 3 tumor markers associated with pancreatic cancer, namely tumor specific growth factor ( tsgf), carbohydrate antigen 19-9 ( ca19-9), and carbohydrate antigen 242 ( ca242) in the diagnosis of Recidivation of post-surgical patients.

4.objective: exploring an effective method of therapy of tcm for chronic cervicitis, to raise recovery rate, decurtate course of treatment, degrade Recidivation, and to direct clinical practice.

5.postoperative Recidivation and metastasis are common reasons lead to failure of treatment.

6.acute eczema patients should pay attention to food, spirit and daily life at home. searching the cause of disease to avoid and stimulus it, to reduce and prevent the disease Recidivation.

7.conclusion: ① cerebral infarction patients combined with carotid atherosclerotic plaques take pravastatin for a long time can stabilize and even contract atheromatous plaque, reduce the crp level, so as to decrease the occurrence and Recidivation of stroke.

8.background: nonalcoholic fatty liver ( nafl), i.e. nonalcoholic fatty liver disease ( nafld). is a disease of high incidence and Recidivation, up-to-date, it is pathogeny and pathology still dimness.

9.succeed case use any resist arrhythmia cordis medicine, follow up a case by regular visits to and meet the room nature tachycardia of Recidivation half a year after the skill.

10.other 1 electric physiology check and bring out person who happens tachycardia adopt and blow 、 fight 、 mark and examine, only 10 lead and unite trying to melt identically, the room tachycardia of Recidivation of one month after the skill.