Receptive Sentence Examples | Use Receptive in a sentence

1.this is because understanding is a Receptive skill, while speaking and writing are productive skills.'s probable mistake was that it did not do this a year ago when these banks were more Receptive to restructuring talks.

3.she began to find a Receptive audience for her work.

4.Receptive to reason and the logic of facts.

5.other local people seemed very Receptive as well, and asked many questions about spiritual practice.

6.john was very Receptive to my proposal.

7.our response to his writings must be one of discursive reason but also Receptive intuition.

8.the voters had seemed Receptive to his ideas

9.he's not very Receptive to my suggestions.

10.this lets the universe know that you are ready to change and will be Receptive to its efforts.

11.neurons in the upper layers of the superior colliculus have well-defined Receptive fields.

12.but what the 19th century achieved on this basis was bound to arouse the admiration of every Receptive person. will be extremely Receptive to new and progressive methods at work.

14.a: sometimes, the narrow-minded people make me frustrated. minds that are not Receptive to new ideas.

15.we need people who are Receptive to new ideas.

16.because most people are Receptive to this slogan.

17.but when you smile on the inside, people are more Receptive when you approach them.

18.reading is a Receptive language process and is often the chief goal of language learners.

19.under those circumstances, she said, north korea is not likely to be Receptive to incentives.

20.from the angle of Receptive skills, this paper discussed the ways to improve speaking productive skills. to employers in your field of interest and see if they're Receptive of applicants with online degrees.

22.i don't care if they was Receptive or not!

23.and i hope they will be as Receptive as i was that day.

24.maybe they just want a Receptive ear and a supportive smile.

25.your boss will be more Receptive to meeting with you if she knows you'll be in and out of his office quickly. need someone like you who is gentle, Receptive and charming and also drawn to the nostalgic. you hold your arms shows how open and Receptive you are to people you meet.

28.several years of unchecked xenophobia have made russians much more Receptive to authoritarian and nationalistic rule than to liberal ideas.

29.misreading is inevitable in the translation of culture images with the support from hermeneutics and Receptive aesthetics.

30.both of china's past and present and of foreign countries, including the soviet union, i knew he was a man with a Receptive mind.

31.minds those are not Receptive to new ideas.

32.thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring; the earth's condition is Receptive devotion.

33.people are much more Receptive if you make an effort to speak their language.

34.he listened eagerly, with Receptive ears, lying on his back and looking up and joying in each movement of her lips as she talked. you think that there is any Receptive audience for his remarks.

36.although the company says it has always been committed to protecting privacy, it has not always been Receptive to suggestions by activists.

37.try to be Receptive and learn as much as you can from others at this time.

38.a study showed that when we're furious, this ear becomes more Receptive to sound.

39.i might be able to give you some kind of comfort and upliftment in the moment, should you be Receptive to that.