Recension Sentence Examples | Use Recension in a sentence, project learning has been listed into the curricular plan of full-time common senior school ( tentative Recension) as the national required curriculum. an upsurge of spreading and studying the project learning has been raised all over the country.

2.the conclusion can provide scientific basis for sluice reliability design and Recension 'the standard of design sluice'.

3.mechanism healthiness of executing law: discuss about the Recension of

4."Recension" is a deliberate effort to rewrite portions of the bible in a different way.

5.Recension of water mensuration for chinese pharmacopoeia appendix__ 2.chemical constituent from epimedium wushanense and Recension of content determination criterion of herba epimedii for the people's republic of china pharmacopoeia

6.the customer knowledge management model is composes of five customer knowledge activities, and includes four contextual factors and customer knowledge repository. then, development and Recension of the questionnaires.

7.the full set of design suggestion about seismic resistance small-span-to-depth-ratio coupling beams in coupled walls can be referenced in the next Recension of code for design of concrete structures.

8.the results show that the method is feasible and applicable in Recension of design criterion.

9.then, development and Recension of the questionnaires.

10.perfection of the formulation and the Recension of law clause related with exterior cooperation on sanitation quarantine work designation is an important action for bringing their function into play and maintenance the economic order in our country to promulgate the new Recension accountant law is an great invent in the accountant field.