Reappearance Sentence Examples | Use Reappearance in a sentence

1.the vista design study on the Reappearance of chinese traditional gardening artistic conception view of the Reappearance of complex curved surface object in virtual environment, the control apexes of the surface were fast calculated based on the known points taken from the curved surface.

3.this idea can be traced back to aristotle's "ethics, " but has made a Reappearance with some recent narrative conceptions of what a self is.

4.the invention provides an information storage media containing preloading information, an appearance equipment and a Reappearance method.

5.but given the surprise Reappearance of saif, the authenticity of saadi's capture might be in doubt.

6.this article introduced the outline of formula structure analysis and Reappearance.

7.neither should we expect the "return" of american consumers indeed, we should worry at their Reappearance, for what it says about both their rationality and a financial system that facilitates such profligacy.

8.his sudden Reappearance must have been a shock.

9.because each language all has its cultural characteristic, the rhetoric characteristic and the expression custom, therefore the translator should adopt each method in the translation humorous process, Reappearance original text rhetoric characteristic, connotation mysterious and humorous association.

10.u, time flies, year after year, review Reappearance, loss, a large, the fading seems in at the moment.

11.splanchnic function loses harmonic motion, sense semiotic criterion last a period of time is longer, and at improving hind also but Reappearance.

12.the law of fact Reappearance

13.studies on the causes of disappearance and Reappearance of the shatuo's clan name "zhuxie"

14.( christian theology) the Reappearance of jesus as judge for the last judgment.

15.seabed pipeline defects ultrasound data analysis and graphics Reappearance system

16.environment simulation is a new boundary technology which mainly researches the man-made Reappearance techniques of all kinds of nature environment and the induced environment and test techniques in the simulated environment. a certain degree, it was the Reappearance of the utopian crop field i mentioned earlier.

18.but if you go a full year without Reappearance of warts, in my opinion you would not need to inform partners after that. the aesthetic of ancient greece the harmony between man and nature, art's Reappearance of reality and the utility of the true and the beauty were emphasized., at least i do not view the web services programming model as a Reappearance or revitalization of corba. was a mixed Reappearance.

22.a Reappearance of an earlier characteristic. the earliest ancestor.

23.after the operation takes out stone, sometimes gall-stone is met again Reappearance, often bring certain difficulty to cure. what does this Reappearance mean for the business& and the world? psych-out experience was not simply my experience. it was only a Reappearance of a cycle that has been repeating itself for a long time.

26.the history takes a humanities class discipline, through the Reappearance history, the analysis history, has manifested to human society's ultimate concern.

27.the academic research of european mediaeval universities stemed from the Reappearance of the liberal thought of ancient greek and social demands of new knowledge and thought.

28.her Reappearance in the news was not unexpected. the atmosphere of international city, Reappearance of flourishing costly glamour, creating his own landmark chifeng business circle.

30.Reappearance of the original murals for demand, we have been through a traditional craft to represent the mural, which is collotype technology.

31.he had to cancel his first planned public Reappearance a few months later.

32.this text explains the form, expression and Reappearance of the poem through aesthetic distance.

33.its means of creation from Reappearance to expression;

34.aids raised the prospect that the threat from infectious disease might come not from the Reappearance of old diseases, but from the sudden emergence of new ones, or at least unrecognized ones.

35.relapse was defined as the occurrence of new bullae daily for several consecutive days, along with the Reappearance of erythema and pruritus.

36.finally, we designed pc-side program, completed signal detection and Reappearance. the reliability of the system has been validated.

37.rose, who removed the top users list from digg two years ago, today said that they may soon make a Reappearance, but in a different form. israel's Reappearance was as uneventful as his disappearance was dramatic.

39.not everyone is enthusiastic about the Reappearance of freudian concepts in the mainstream of mental science.