Reafforestation Sentence Examples | Use Reafforestation in a sentence

1.the computer system for forest management could perform the information management of planning and design, cost accounting and resource monitoring and finance management of the projects such as ecological forest, Reafforestation and closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation.

2.research on the runoff characteristics of small watershed under the Reafforestation patterns in northwest guangxi

3.the potential productivity of the main species used in the datong Reafforestation project on former farmland, qinghai province

4.the Reafforestation of areas where all the trees have been chopped down is progressing well.

5.analysis on questionnaire concerning the two years 'implementation of the Reafforestation project in datong county

6.analysis of the effect on preserving hillsides for Reafforestation in guangxi karst region

7.a Reafforestation programme has favoured spruce, pines larches and fir.

8.advanced thought on de-farming and Reafforestation in chongqing& joined with development of the tourist resources the plastic limit or breakpoint of violent disturbance, breakdown of the vegetation system takes place completely and thus artificial Reafforestation is needed. on the technique of Reafforestation on gangue mountain effect of actualizing de-farming and Reafforestation policy in desertification areas: taking minqin county as a case on soil organic carbon under several Reafforestation patterns in the three gorges reservoir area