Rachis Sentence Examples | Use Rachis in a sentence

1.it showed that the vascular bundle system of Rachis in wheat changed apparently under water deficit.

2.the results indicated that crude choline and betaine and their water extract from the anthers, glume and Rachis showed a marked stimulating effect on conidium germination, germ tube extension and hypha growth of fusarium graminearum.

3.at the back of Rachis by each vertebral vertebra bend, vertebra board, horizontal stroke dash forward reach spine dash forward composition.

4.relationship between vascular bundle system of Rachis and rachilla and ear productivity in wheat

5.spinal cord is to be located in the organization of a kind of nerve among Rachis.

6.axis and Rachis very slender, puberulous, pedicels usually without setae, those of a pair often partially connate.

7.meanwhile filled grain number also correlated closely to fruiting primary Rachis branch number and treatments in total sample containing treatments.

8.the study discovered that there are assimilating tissue which like the shape of palisade tissue in adaxial surface of Rachis in all species of cycas.

9.in addition, the developments of all traits about floral axis Rachis were evidently influenced by environment.

10.Rachis internodes strongly clavate, marked with dark lines between the veins on narrow lower portion, base shortly bearded.

11.the activity of Rachis depends on of intervertebral disc complete, relevant vertebra is articulatory dash forward the harmony between.

12.the fleshy Rachis of the infructescence is sweet and edible and is used for making wine and candy.

13.via the study for the regeneration of the folioles and Rachis of the compound leaf, Rachis is selected for the genetic transformation.

14.studies on plant regeneration induced from Rachis receptacle and unfertilized ovary of cauliflower

15.effect of spikelets upon secondary Rachis branch on yield of rice

16.the setting ratio of spikelets on secondary Rachis branch was more subject to climate and management.

17.character and re-inoculation experiment indicated that the strains were bradyrhizobium sp. ( a Rachis), which provide a base for the coming research of peanut's nodulation gene.

18.the results showed that there was notable difference between rates of spikelets on secondary Rachis branch to total spikelets of different types of rice varieties. varieties with heavy spikes had more spikelets on secondary Rachis branch, accounting for over 70% of total spikelets.

19.although our Rachis, artifice, eyeball has been used to liquid crystal screen, but at least cerebrum still fails to be used to far.

20.acrylic printed fleecy suit inflorescence paniculate, Rachis tawny tomentose; female flowers borne on basal part of the inflorescence.

21.likewise, a plumulaceous tuft of barbs evolved before the pennaceous feather with a Rachis because the Rachis is formed by the fusion of barb ridges.

22.lumbar di is changed and di vertebra waist is changed is congenital Rachis deformation.

23.at the base of the feather, the Rachis expands to form the hollow tubular calamus, or quill, which inserts into a follicle in the skin.

24.its anthotaxy is spica, and amphimixis flowers is serried inserted on the thick Rachis.

25.the s form of the Rachis of equestrian sa yi ren and average now person curves Rachis to differ somewhat, for straight " one " glyph.

26.moreover, it mainly resulted in shortened internode under the Rachis internode, with forming good plant shape, and increasing the number of ear bearing tiller, but decreasing the per ear grain number.

27.pot experiments were carried out to study the effect of water deficit on vascular bundle system of Rachis in wheat during heading stage.

28.comparative anatomic studies on Rachis of eight species of cycads

29.ovaries inferior, coalescing and with bracts and Rachis forming a compound, fleshy fruit (syncarp).

30.the Rachis of these cycads had structure characteristic of xerophytes, i.e., thicker cuticular membrane, developed mechanical tissue, the more secretion, crystal and secretory canal and more number of vascular bundles etc.

31.the explants of perianth and ovary require higher amount of auxins than that of Rachis, pedicel and peduncle.

32.small early-flowering buttercup with shiny yellow flowers of western north america. inflorescence paniculate, Rachis tawny tomentose; female flowers borne on basal part of the inflorescence.

33.spadix Rachis flat, margin with bract-like appendages; flowers small, monoecious, in 2 series on Rachis, apetalous.

34.a low-growing, weedy grass ( paspalum distichum) with spikelets arranged in two rows along the Rachis. any grass of the genus chloris; occurs in short grassland especially on waste ground or poor soils.

35.the activity of catalase in Rachis branches of ratooning rice of hmst and lst varieties improved with declining stubble height, whereas a contrary trend was observed for hst ones.

36.total amount of choline and betaine in the anther was significantly higher than that in the glume and Rachis.

37.effect of water deficit on vascular bundle system of Rachis in wheat

38.Rachis glabrous; bracts to 2 mm, soon caducous, basal ones often sterile and with a tridentate apex.

39.pathological anatomy of Rachis in wheat varieties with resistance against scab

40.two qtl controlling primary Rachis branches were identified and they were co located with 2 of the 3 qtl for vascular bundles respectively.