Raccoon Sentence Examples | Use Raccoon in a sentence

1.tell Raccoon i'm coming.

2.effects of extruded soybean on fur quality of wusuli Raccoon dog as a substitute for fish meal in diets

3.hey, come on. don't you see what the Raccoon's doing?

4.the Raccoon procyon lotor, is a highly intelligent carnivore, related to bears and to the giant panda.

5.he asked Raccoon to look for park mu-seok.

6.the dog chased the Raccoon up a tree.

7.he would let them pet the skunks and the Raccoon and talk to the myna bird; and yet they never crossed the bridge without being invited.

8.after my ski trip, my face look like a Raccoon.

9.but its folksy style-with jokes about Raccoon hunting-may bemuse international readers.

10.as the Raccoon was mischievous, he thought of playing a trick on him.

11.in north america, there are six terrestrial animal genotypes, including the Raccoon virus genotype.

12.they showed me the hidden things silence revealed: a pheasant craning its neck to spy on us from a thicket, a crow hopping from branch to branch, a Raccoon snoring in its den.

13.the crab was surprised and thought the Raccoon's father was too big for him to cut by himself.

14.small wild dog of eastern asia having facial markings like those of a Raccoon.

15.study of trace elements concentration and correlated enzyme activity in Raccoon dog with "white nose" disease

16.what is the story? a Raccoon came to the river and found a fish to eat.

17.the Raccoon is a wide, fresh-water river in west-central iowa.

18.studies on the chemical for fast diagnosing mink, Raccoon dog and canine viral enteritis

19.i also discovered the very angry Raccoon that lives near my porch. he doesn't like it when you almost fall on top of him.

20.the cockroach chirps were created by speeding up the sounds of a Raccoon.

21.these photogenic tree-dwellers have the appearance of a bear and the agility of a monkey, but they actually belong to the Raccoon family.

22."i see quite a number of rings on your tail, " said an alderman to a Raccoon that he met in a zoological garden.

23.we have unconfirmed reports of disaster at Raccoon city.

24.and so i went to harvard where they have a beautiful collection of femurs and i asked them for the femur of a Raccoon and a horse.

25.he believes his son startled the Raccoon while trying to take a picture of the reptile.

26.then the crab began to cut the Raccoon's hair.

27.so he decided to go back to help defeat the dragon master Raccoon!

28.clinical and pathological observations of mink, fox and Raccoon dog canine distemper

29.stephanie savage: yes. i wasn't there on the day they shot that, but that's what it really looks like if a girl with Raccoon eyes cries that much.

30.so it came as no surprise when a Raccoon darted out in front of the 2009 volkswagen cc sport i sampled during one of my test drives.

31."a tiny little deer maybe the size of a Raccoon and noantlers," thewissen said.

32.but the cheeky Raccoon was not going to give up without a fight and stuck its tongue out at the photographer while it waited to be rescued.

33.i bent down and drank a few hefty handfuls only to look up and see a dead Raccoon floating near me.

34.then miss kitty put on her own dress and miss Raccoon's hat.

35.then miss kitty put on her own dress, miss Raccoon's hat and miss fox's necklace.

36.this Raccoon was definitely not in the mood for its close-up when it was caught on camera while trapped inside a tree.

37.glide, flap, sharp quill, hare, fur, waterfall, otter, Raccoon, snow line.

38.a Raccoon is many times as big as a crab.

39.we met golden and silver pheasants, the Raccoon and a coatimundi, an oddly shaped animal the size of a small dog.