Quirk Sentence Examples | Use Quirk in a sentence

1.however, my parents, both of whom came from impoverished backgrounds and neither of whom had been to college, took the view that my overactive imagination was an amusing personal Quirk that could never pay a mortgage, or secure a pension.

2.others among us, myself included, thought it just an odd Quirk.

3.the carving craze is the grave of safe, carefree, efficient skiing, an irrational fantasy, a binding fashion, a Quirk bent on putting basic physics to shame!

4.the second Quirk is that you cannot pass arbitrary shell commands in.

5.confirmations illustrate an interesting Quirk of human behavior: they only work when they are unexpected.

6.she prefers to see edward's fascination with bella as a strange Quirk& and a transitory one at that.

7.it can be regarded as merely a mathematical Quirk of the theory of weak interactions.

8.the spate of storms and hurricanes in recent years could be a statistical Quirk.

9.Quirk of the parliamentary system though it may be, italian politics appears to be pretty forgiving to those with economic black marks.

10.even if the greenstein and forman study is just a Quirk, which i suspect is not the case, it still points to an interesting issue.

11.the same irrational Quirk is now playing out in the u. s. housing market.

12.that Quirk dates back to the time when mammals began to evolve.

13.what do you think is 6's biggest unknown ( hidden?) Quirk ( weird habit)?

14.asset managers have never faced such stiff competition, says ben phillips, partner of casey Quirk, a us consultancy.

15.despite the underlying inflation risks, a statistical Quirk may push core inflation down in the coming months.

16.the miserable economic track record is, in part, a Quirk of timing.

17.lord mayor graham Quirk said the $215 million make over was "the best birthday present" the city could give its centrepiece.

18.the standard theory of bad moods is rooted in a psychological Quirk known as ego depletion.

19.i also discovered that xfs has a singular performance Quirk: it doesn't delete files very quickly; it was easily bested by both reiserfs and ext3 in this area.

20.some critics have questioned whether the linkage between income inequality and worse health is merely a mathematical Quirk.

21.brown was fascinated by people's Quirks and foibles.

22.one solution to these two problems was used in a study by muller at al. ( 2003) published in nature which relies on a Quirk of the brain's electrical response to certain visual stimuli.

23.Quirk# 2: should the dialog be displayed?

24.ironically, another Quirk comes to our help here.

25.an individual characteristic; a Quirk.

26.an added Quirk is that your screen saver is also set to make a slideshow of these pictures.

27.everything from the moment they cross their arms to the Quirk of their eyebrow, your characters are expressing themselves to you.

28.just about every banker has some Quirk, says charles nelson, director of the baron group merchant bank.

29.growing up in the iowa farm belt, dr. loren olson always thought of himself as "heterosexual, with a little Quirk. "

30.it concludes that despite a Quirk here and there, the latest version of google desktop is full of improvements that make a very good thing even better.

31.on the whole, i really enjoyed this space for the pure Quirk and whimsy of it.

32.experts say the rare phenomenon is just a Quirk of nature and can occur if the chicken receives a shock during egg production.

33.by a tantalising Quirk of fate, the pair have been drawn to meet in the first round of the championship

34.now, again, this is not some sort of bizarre Quirk of a humorous god.

35.by some Quirk of fate the two of us were on the same train.

36.the "*" is a historical Quirk.

37.this is the result of a deliberate plan by the hong kong regulator rather than a Quirk of fate.

38.sometimes i said the words out of context to see if by deflection, some Quirk of physics, the meaning would suddenly come to me.

39.he had a strange Quirk of addressing his wife mrs. smith.