Quince Sentence Examples | Use Quince in a sentence

1.mommy, wherever she is, susan, Quince.

2.Quince marry, our play is 'the most lamentable comedy and most cruel death of pyramus and thisby. '

3.qualitative research on leaves in chinese flowering Quince was done by tlc, and activated oleanolic acid was found.

4.the nose is elegant, full of soft and sweet aromas such as Quince, honey and spice; these are perfectly balanced with fresher notes of citrus fruit.

5.dual classification of flowering Quince resource the experiments on the storing of the fresh chinese Quince

6.microwave-assisted extraction of the active ingredients in chinese flowering Quince

7.the results of the experiment indicated that the sand-store are suitable for the chinese flowering Quince with little weightlessness, less reducing sugar and acidity.

8.reasonable exploitation and the application have been provided the scientific basis for oleanolic acid from chinese flowering Quince.

9.chinese flowering Quince can treat oedema, beriberi, and ameliorable joint.

10.walking by the Quince.

11.i can look out the window and see the big Quince tree matt and the guys climbed up to crash my birthday slumber party two years ago.

12.tree ripe Quince is perfect for making the preserves.

13.in addition, the portrait is painted with background foliage of myrtle and Quince, symbols of love, fecundity and fidelity.

14.research, gather, classification and appraisal of the germplasm resource of ornamental chinese flowering Quince

15.wine tastes of different fruit ot different people; it may remind you of strawberries while the next person thinks it's Quince.

16.another called "Quince, " the robot, then with a tank-style track, road and flexible, able to ruins in a very uneven areas to search.

17.Quince is being tested to see if it can operate at fukushima.

18.the experiments on the storing of the fresh chinese Quince

19.put the Quince pieces in the pot.

20.research on the rooting of long handsome chinese flowering Quince test tube seedling

21.on thursday the miners got their closest thing to a full meal in weeks: stewed apples and bread with Quince jelly.

22.research of technics to produce the chinese Quince vinegar with liquid& solid cross-sprinkling fermentation method

23.aroma: very aromatic and expressive bouquet with Quince and citrus fruits ( lemon) aromas. this pudding tastes of lemon [ orange].

24.to study the optimum technology of extracting bioactive component named oleanolic acid and ursolic acid in chinese Quince.

25.pear trees are grafted on Quince rootstocks.

26.in addition, some suggestions on how to ameliorate the chaotic naming situation combining the morphological characteristics and molecular markers as well as some basic principles for utilization and breeding of varieties of chinese Quince fruit were put forward here.

27.enjoy the scents of citrus, Quince, nectarine and apricot complemented with hints of well integrated vanillin oak.

28.bouquet: ripe Quince fruit, peach and banana, tropical fruits. some butter and lactic notes.

29.study on the content of oleanolic acid in chinese flowering Quince fruit vinegar by hplc

30.investigation and classification of ornamental flowering Quince resource

31.conclusion: chinese flowering Quince proteinase plus excessive ventilation of the respirator can rapidly induce pulmonary emphysema models with dogs.

32.the research results are useful for the cultivation and production of chinese Quince.

33.study on technology of extracting oleanolic acid and ursolic acid from chinese Quince

34.preliminary report on observational study for flowering and bearing habitat of chinese flowering Quince

35.chinese flowering Quince includes rich nutrients, therefore our country nutrition scientist recommends it is one of ten kind of best foods, also was our country medical department in 1996 announces it for the medicine, the food dual purpose plant.

36.they dined on mince, and slices of Quince.