Push Sentence Examples | Use Push in a sentence

1.we might be able to Push ourselves across with the paddle.

2.actively Push your neck back to strengthen and stretch the front part of your neck while completing this exercise.

3.if this is welcomed with a stab in the back, you'll know how much harder to Push the blade in return.

4.the army may Push southwards into the kurdish areas.

5.she was sent for trial yesterday accused of Pushing drugs.

6.there is no point in Pushing them unless they are talented and they enjoy it.

7.i found myself racing the clock to finish this manuscript and get it in print. there was a force that continued to Push me.

8.Push yourself to make friends and to maintain the friendships.

9.one detachment Pushed into the eastern suburbs towards the airfield

10.i Pushed through the crowds and on to the escalator

11.interest had Pushed the loan up to$ 27,000.

12.to bring your pelvis up with your ribs, exhale, Push your hands down harder, and pull your thighs upward as if to lift them to your chest.

13.the government had done everything it could to Push down inflation

14."the gap was pretty similar throughout the stint, but then kimi started to run two tenths quicker and i started to Push again, " he said.

15.britain's health experts are Pushing for a ban on all cigarette advertising

16.as a result of these changes, we have been able to Push finances that were on the verge of collapse back to a safe position.

17.we are continuing to Push the business forward

18.they Pushed him into the car.

19.dix Pushed forward carrying a glass

20.she thanks her parents for keeping her in school and Pushing her to study

21.i earn enough to Push the boat out now and again.

22.the government seemed intent on Pushing local and central government in opposite directions.

23.ministers will Push the case for opening the plant

24.when there was no reply, he Pushed the door open.

25.he put both hands flat on the door and Pushed as hard as he could

26.i knew he was Pushing himself to the limit and felt rather anxious

27.urgent things Push me to go back home, but i have eggs on the spit. recently people are busy , i have to cheek it to ask help .

28.you have to Push the throttle forward for more power.

29.the new chancellor has the guts to Push through unpopular tax increases

30.two cabinet ministers also got the Push.

31.i think that he was Pushing it a bit when he said it was the best stadium in the world.

32.germany is Pushing for direct flights to be established.

33.she knew enough about publishing to know that they could Push a hundred thousand copies into the bookshops.

34.james did not Push her into stealing the money

35.it was a good change by the manager. mikel got on the ball, moved it about and allowed myself and ballack to Push on.

36.she said rudely, trying to Push as much fire in her eyes as possible.

37.you Push and i'll pull.

38.it was a good joke to come up behind a naked boy, and Push him into the pool. i made quite a habit of this with boys of my own size or less.

39.the stores will inevitably end up competing with each other in their Push for increased market shares

40.he Pushed his way towards her, laughing.