Purgatory Sentence Examples | Use Purgatory in a sentence

1.the threat of a neglected cold be for doctor what the threat of Purgatory be for priest-a gold mine.

2.humorous i've been on a diet for two weeks now, and it's Purgatory!

3.catholics, he tells us, held that ghosts came from Purgatory and were actually souls of the departed.

4.the official white house forecast shows a nation stuck in Purgatory for a prolonged period, with high unemployment persisting for years.

5.the living pray on behalf of christians who are in Purgatory, the state in the afterlife where souls are purified before proceeding to heaven.

6.marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply Purgatory.

7.marriage, with peace, is this world's paradise: with strife, this world's Purgatory.

8.the next day, a strong earthquake, a huge volcanic eruption in front of a familiar home to become a human Purgatory.

9.and yet asia was bliss compared with the Purgatory back home.

10.a strong earthquake with large meteor crashed, let the home becomes a familiar sight human Purgatory.

11.catholics believe that god uses Purgatory to prepare sinful souls for the joys of heaven.

12.for this pious act they could obtain remission of all sins, for themselves or their relatives in Purgatory.

13.there is neither the word nor the thing of Purgatory, neither in this nor any other text.

14.it was also possible that they were rejected from heaven and cast into Purgatory, which is between hell and heaven.

15.his experience this time was like going through Purgatory, he had suffered a lot.

16.of or resembling Purgatory.

17.it seems as though for the souls in Purgatory fear should necessarily decrease and love increase.

18.but a funny thing happened to the lakers on their way to Purgatory.

19.this is not men's dormitory, it is the noisy paradise of women, my Purgatory.

20.england is the paradise of women, the hell of horse, and the Purgatory of servant.

21.each cake eaten would represent a soul being freed from Purgatory.

22.she fearlessly surrendered her bitter spirit unto Purgatory.

23.a brief description of Purgatory doctrine, and some prayer language is valid and do not ask me!

24.a beautiful woman be paradise for the eyes, hell for the soul, and Purgatory for the purse.

25.everyone rejoices in the delights of this paradise, but i feel as if i am visiting Purgatory.

26.through the exile, the wandering and the angst, he created the divine comedy divided into hell, Purgatory and paradise a poem many consider the greatest ever written.

27.however, it is certain that their emotions leaped the many thousands of miles that separated this place of Purgatory and doom from the homes of those whom they loved.

28.the priest asked the members of his congregation to pray for the souls of people in Purgatory.

29.some people talk of marriage as a safe haven, heaven even, but for me it has turned out to be nothing less than Purgatory here on earth.

30.prayers were said for souls in Purgatory.

31.every step of the last three miles was Purgatory.

32.Purgatory is a religious word which is a place for people to wash away their sins.

33.a prayer for the souls in Purgatory.

34.he described his experience of combat in vietnam as sheer Purgatory.

35.it's going to be a season in Purgatory.

36.hell, Purgatory , and heaven seem to differ the same as despair, fear, and assurance of salvation.

37.hotels are kind of like the Purgatory of living arrangements.

38.i'm not gonna drive my boat into Purgatory cove.

39.when i allow a person to take a photograph, i tell jesus to take one soul to heaven out of Purgatory.

40.she confesses that she was his Purgatory on earth, always trying to make him jealous.