Pulpit Sentence Examples | Use Pulpit in a sentence

1.a bully Pulpit; a cool sports car; had a great time at the party; you look simply smashing.

2.my finger, pointed at this man, would have hurled him from his Pulpit into a dungeon-thence, peradventure, to the gallows!

3.canst thou deem it, hester, a consolation that i must stand up in my Pulpit, and meet so many eyes turned upward to my face, as if the light of heaven were beaming from it! your lordship's fame is well known to me.

4.in my excitement, i walked out without my sermon, and did not discover the oversight until i was in my Pulpit and about ready to begin delivering it.

5.the eloquent and ornate carving on a church Pulpit was done by indian hand.

6.he was equally at home in a Pulpit or on a soapbox.

7.the pews, the Pulpit and the altar are of a piece with the simple elegance of the church itself.

8."in poland, people tend not to listen to those who mistake the priest's Pulpit for a speaker's platform at a political rally, " he said.

9.the left pillar closest to the chancel is installed with a gold-plated marble Pulpit.

10.the controversy of jeremiah wright, mr obama's former pastor who had made wildly paranoid and angry anti-american comments from his Pulpit, was raised yet again.

11.it was always going to be easier for a us president to climb into the Pulpit when washington felt secure in its hegemony.

12.they arrested me at my Pulpit.

13.the Pulpit is against horse racing on sunday.

14.he vituperated from the Pulpit the vices of the court.

15.such was the position which the minister occupied, as he bowed his head forward on the cushions of the Pulpit, at the close of his election sermon.

16.he spoke as if it covered his whole life, not just an hour or so in some Pulpit.

17.on friday, they finally rose to the Pulpit to give citigroup and bank of america an overdue eulogy, cutting their ratings.

18.get back in the bully Pulpit and tell us what we need to do.

19.he went back to Pulpit hill for two or three days of delightful loneliness in the deserted college.

20.what comes in the regular way over the Pulpit is hot enough for i.

21.arrayed in his robes, donald climbed into the Pulpit.

22.he longed to speak out from his own Pulpit at the full height of his voice, and tell the people what he was.

23.i don't recognize myself when i pronounce my blasphemy-mies from the Pulpit.

24.when i had finished and sat down, a man slowly arose from his seat, about three rows from the rear, and made his way toward the Pulpit.

25.would not the people start up in their seats, by a simultaneous impulse, and tear him down out of the Pulpit which he defiled?

26.as a young boy, edwards is said to have preached sermons to his playmates from a makeshift Pulpit he built behind his home.

27.and ezra the scribe stood upon a Pulpit of wood, which they had made for the purpose;

28." bah ! " said the bishop. "let us announce our te deum from the Pulpit, nevertheless, monsieur le cure. things will arrange themselves. "

29.ct: speaking from the patterns & practices Pulpit, i have to be very careful on questions like this.

30.but, as he came down the Pulpit steps, the grey-bearded sexton met him, holding up a black glove, which the minister recognised as his own.

31.son: put the clock right behind the Pulpit.

32.they were all there already, big, comfortable, ordained men; they smiled and nodded as he mounted the Pulpit steps.

33.from every Pulpit, clergymen fulminate against sin.

34.neither chelsea clinton nor michelle obama spoke during the service, but both were applauded when they were introduced from the Pulpit.

35.ct: speaking from the patterns& practices Pulpit, i have to be very careful on questions like this.

36.my finger, pointed at this man, would have hurled him from his Pulpit into a dungeon- thence, peradventure, to the gallows!

37.mr ban is also expected to man the bully Pulpit.

38.an imaginative dispersal of the pews radially from the central focus of the Pulpit.

39.benjamin franklin wrote of his desire to see the mufti of istanbul preach islam to americans from a Pulpit in philadelphia.