Puller Sentence Examples | Use Puller in a sentence

1.while the structure of hydraulic Puller makes it possible to work vertically and the distance among various flexible arms can be adjusted so the application area of Pullers is enlarged.

2.to do this, the special tool relay Puller can be used.

3.lockstitch cylinder bed with a synchronous Puller behind the needle, which continuously operates up and down.

4.remove spacer ring and timing gear with a conventional Puller.

5.in addition, each groove shape opening of the utility model is a pressing part, so the structure of the nail Puller is simple with low costs.

6.was there a single cart Puller over the age of forty around them?

7.en: ^7pin Puller^0 replaces your standard melee knockdown attack with a knockback that pulls the pins from the enemy's grenades.

8.remove intake socket with the internal Puller.

9.pull valve usingrelay Puller if necessary.

10.Puller , a tool used to unload the bearings set in the bearing bore, can unload bearings and workpieces mounted on the shaft.

11.insert internal Puller internal Puller into the differential cover.

12.unlike auto rickshaws, which burn fuel, cycle rickshaws produce no pollution. but the job of a rickshaw Puller is not easy.

13.in view of taking down the hinge pin of hydraulic support, developed the pneumatic Puller on the basis of usual hammer Puller, pneumatic wrench and screw pair drive.

14.technology of manufacturing linear motor type Puller

15.if required, the Puller can be swivelled completely out of the sewing area so that the 173 can also be used without Puller.

16.we use homemade bolt Puller to preload the clamp bolt, which more accurately controls the preload of the clamp bolt, and ensures the clamp's holding effect on the main cable.

17.your typical purchaser on the weekends is going to be more price sensitive, and airlines might realize that and lower their fares, Puller told the station.

18.fixed mould Puller pins, stop drag-bars and nylon shutters were used to open the mould sequentially.

19.destroy the plastic sleeve before fitting the Puller.

20.use a universal Puller to separate the ball stud from the frame rail bracket.

21.hydraulic pump is the power unit of the hydraulic Puller (hydraulic press, hydraulic pipe bender, hydraulic jack).

22.remove the special gear Puller and adapter tools from timing gear cover.

23.a nail Puller is fixedly connected on the base.

24.hold the Puller tightly with the other hand while doing so.

25.oem different kinds of letter opener, multi-function letter opener, such as letter opener with mirror, letter opener with ruler and clip, letter opener with nail Puller, your logo is welcome.

26.secondly there is a relative angle between a traditional Puller and workpieces so the Puller can't work vertically, which limit its application field.

27.he wanted to tell all this to the cat; maybe it could tell it to another cart Puller, the one who would be brave enough to strike the blow.

28.up to me came one and a rickshaw Puller, a husky and suntanned middle-aged man. he lowered his cart and asked, " where'd ya go? "

29.remove bearing cover using special tool Puller.

30.Puller, a tool used to unload the bearings set in the bearing bore, can unload bearings and workpieces mounted on the shaft.

31.i had just got into the middle of an exciting story when the girl came in to say mr. Puller was ready to see me.

32.to do this, insert internal Puller into the opening and tighten.

33.in a small alley, a dog, unaccustomed to a long-gowned Puller, nipped at his heels.

34.the utility model discloses a nail Puller, which provides a nail Puller of simple structure, convenient taken-with and utilization which can pull nail and clean the remained nail.

35.double Puller, skip stitch device and automatic cutter result in a uniform quality finish.

36.when you are the Puller, whether throwing backhand or forehand, aim to land close to one of the sidelines in the end zone.

37.pull off cardan flange with three-arm Puller.

38.insert wire Puller with the flexible end on the right side into the rubber sleeve.