Puissant Sentence Examples | Use Puissant in a sentence

1.with the financial globalization and market Puissant propulsion and financial innovation of rapid development, credit risk management is becoming increasingly attention to the bank.

2.vainglory, the older sibling to pride, is the most Puissant enemy a knight or noble will ever face.

3.as a mature technology of optical access network, epon with its advantage of low cost, high bandwidth and integration of varieties of business will be more extensively used in china and asia in the foreseeable future due to the Puissant promotion by operators and manufacturers.

4.and thirdly, Puissant original vitality is embodied in sexual relations of the folk people.

5.in addition, detector still was used strengthen edition grab killatechnology, thestubborn file in Puissant andcan cleared computer.

6.Puissant narration-a discussion of hu feng's writings on theoryof literature and arts from the perspective of discourse analysis

7.the prevalence of this fatal contagious fever stills remains unabated. a Puissant chemical has been devised to cure the disease.

8.accordingly the intensity of energies, of consciousness shift and quickening oftime pulse are all attributes of the Puissant resonance.

9.potential description: village by the bund group Puissant make, and commit yourself to property management, which played a fairly water product of high quality community.

10.want Puissant and broken worktoneeding, can reduce drop hammer heighttoincrease stroke frequency at the same time second.

11.thirdly, to point out that government should shift its regulation pattern from Puissant intervening to following the trend pattern, and shift its regulation method from economic regulation to social regulation.

12.more importantly, on the market of c2c, a lot of challenger are launching Puissant attack.

13.the kingdom used to be Puissant.