Publicity Sentence Examples | Use Publicity in a sentence he plans to rev up Publicity with a regional media campaign.

2.if public figures seek Publicity to further their careers, they can't be selective about it.

3.the Publicity sent the bank's depositors running and caused other banks to stop doing business with it. was hard to quietly close to the surface of the body, without any Publicity, the quality and elegant as submissive asian woman.

5.the trouble with her is she needs her daily fix of Publicity.

6.but for a recent mexican release it has turned out to be the best sort of Publicity imaginable.

7.china harbin beer brands of beer in london to do Publicity, london and the subject of ice in harbin brewery together with the model show.

8.they felt they were being sucked into a whirlpool of Publicity you realize, woman, the scandal and Publicity that will be involved?

10.he has put the party Publicity machine behind another candidate.

11.this Publicity cuts both ways. it focuses on us as well as on them.

12.she had suffered her own share of slings and arrows in the quest for Publicity.

13.i must admit it irks me to see this guy get all this free Publicity

14.the case has generated enormous Publicity in brazil.

15.the Publicity could detract from our election campaign.

16.the newcomer was greeted with an avalanche of Publicity. branson's victory, and all the attendant Publicity, were well deserved.

18.on a more shallow level, the money raised from this Publicity will provide for her motherless children.

19.he's not averse to Publicity, of the right kind.

20.why give Publicity to this self-indulgent, adolescent oaf?

21.i had been lulled into thinking the Publicity would be a trivial matter

22.afraid of bad Publicity, the department had suddenly become very twitchy about journalists. was all a Publicity stunt.

24.all others who claim to be his representative are just trying to generate Publicity for themselves.

25.the case has attracted wide Publicity story had attracted Publicity, so there were radio and television interviews.

27.he has always shunned Publicity was the second time in less than a week that bank of east asia has had to fend off negative Publicity.

29.i don't want to catch you pushing yourself into the picture to get some personal Publicity

30.the Publicity did her career no harm.

31.he was arrested in a blaze of Publicity.

32.employing quantum cryptography to transmit the vote from polling stations to central counting house is thus a bit of a Publicity stunt.

33.much advance Publicity was given to the talks is no use fighting shy of Publicity and then complaining when sponsors pass us by

35.rain, waving her little guilty at all, this season does not belong to the same Publicity to her wanton, and i want her cool.

36.yet at the same time they remain young girls, trying to grow up in a harsh glare of unprecedented Publicity.

37.stung by recent Publicity, the home office now seems to be trying to brazen this issue out.

38.although he appeared to enjoy a jet-setting life, he eschewed Publicity and avoided nightclubs.

39.having spent a lifetime avidly courting Publicity, paul has suddenly become secretive.

40.norma is said to dislike the glare of Publicity