Pubis Sentence Examples | Use Pubis in a sentence

1.they were often accompanied by congenital coxa vara, ischium and Pubis hypoplasia, spinal bifida or child carpale stunt.

2.some improvement measures are advanced about the treatment for infestation of pthirus Pubis.

3.pressing your inner feet actively into the floor, exhale and push your tailbone up toward the Pubis, firming ( but not hardening) the buttocks, and lift the buttocks off the floor.

4.they work hard, and are – quite properly – not ashamed of doing so. they were often accompanied by congenital coxa vara, ischium and Pubis hypoplasia, spinal bifida or child carpale stunt.

5.objective: to evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of three surgical approaches exposing the membranous urethra and explore the application of the approach passing the inferior part of Pubis in treatment of the complex posterior urethral stricture.

6.result: when acetabular former wall loaded by x direction and z direction composition forces, the stress transmitted by four directions: ① from acetabular former wall to pubic symphysis along superior branch of Pubis firstly.

7.ocular infection of children with pthirus Pubis: analysis of 3 cases

8.use your hands to spread the back pelvis and lengthen it down through your tail bone. then lightly firm the tail forward, toward the Pubis. your tailbone toward your Pubis and turn the upper thighs inward slightly. of the childbirth mark of female symphysis ossium Pubis

11.methods we treated 11 cases of fractures of symphysiolysis/ superior and inferior ramus of Pubis and sacrum with pubic symphysis double plate+ sacrum rods, and analyzed the clinical results of the operation.

12.occasionally, the symphysis Pubis develops erosive changes (osteitis Pubis).

13.results the tumor occurred in the upper shaft of left tibia of 1 case, and in the Pubis and ischium of another case.

14.results the most common clinical features were that pthirus Pubis flew in the eyes of children. there were some parasitic ova on the eyelid margin. it were cured by cut off eyelashes and cleaned the eyelid margin.

15.narrow the hip points and lengthen the tailbone toward the backs of the knees, lifting the Pubis toward the navel.

16.conclusions: for exposure, the best surgical approach is via the inferior intermedial margin of Pubis.

17.the capsular ligament originates from the acetabular notch and acetabular fossa, instead of the transverse acetabular ligament and the each side of acetabular notch appears as in human body, and the inferior sulcus of Pubis by acetabular notch as in horse;

18.fibrocartilage distributes to the intervertebral disc, articular disc, and Pubis symphysis. elastic cartilage distributes to auricle and epiglottis.

19.lengthen your tailbone away from the back of your pelvis and press it lightly toward the Pubis.

20.objective to explore the treatment of fractures of symphysiolysis/ superior and inferior ramus of Pubis and sacrum.

21.objective to study the effects of operative treament of dislocation of sacroiliac joint and separation of symphysis Pubis or pubic fracture.

22.placing the point of the knife just above her Pubis, i shoved it deeply inside her.

23.analysis on the treatment of stress urinary incontinence by suspending the urethra center-section to the periosteum under Pubis bow through vagina you descend draw the front torso out of the groins and open the space between the Pubis and top sternum.

25.the pelvic girdle is called the coxae which is formed by the ilium, ischium and Pubis.

26.imagine that the sacrum is sinking deeper into the back of your pelvis and bring the tailbone closer to the Pubis.

27.the design and application of major operation thoroughfare above Pubis in the laparoscopic appendectomy

28.oh the roses of the Pubis!

29.we now stabilize the pelvis with a padded support on the Pubis, the sacrum, and the anterior and posterior aspects of the thorax.

30.the comparative biomechanical study of four fixation methods for symphysis Pubis diastasis

31.oh the pink roses of the Pubis!

32.objective to test the biomechanical properties of symphysis Pubis diastasis fixed by cannulated screw or reconstruction plate and provide the theoretical basis for clinical practice.

33.turn the upper thighs slightly inward. lengthen your tailbone toward the floor and lift the Pubis toward the navel.

34.cases had femoral nerve injury caused by fracture fragments ( 1 case with anterior wall fracture following anterior hip dislocation, the another with old fracture of anterior column combined with fracture of superior ramus of Pubis);

35.a caudal ventral midline coeliotomy from umbilicus to Pubis should be performed.

36.the massage scope by is small and is big, from inside to outside, but on to the costal arch, gets down to the symphysis Pubis.