Pterosaur Sentence Examples | Use Pterosaur in a sentence

1.this image shows the skeleton of the nocturnal flyer ctenochasma elegans, a Pterosaur. what we're trying to piece together here is a story. it involves flying reptiles like this Pterosaur that we reconstructed from africa.

3.the recent discovery of a Pterosaur specimen covered in long, dense, and relatively thick hairlike fossil material was the first clear evidence that his reasoning was correct.

4.the Pterosaur trackway is quadrupedal, with wide gauge.

5.about 160 million years ago a female Pterosaur with an injured wing dropped from the sky into a watery grave.

6.his findings may not be the favorite Pterosaur experts, Pterosaur Pterosaur experts believe is a good dynamic high-altitude flying animals.

7.scientists say they finally understand how a giant prehistoric winged reptile, the Pterosaur, was able to fly.

8.instead, he says a Pterosaur used all four limbs, leapfrogging forward on its knuckles, to propel itself into the air.

9.ok, so we've got a very large alligator with the wings of a Pterosaur that can repel musket fire. recently years, it has found several precious. Pterosaur fossil in the west of liaoning provience jehol biota.

11.huanjiang Pterosaur fossils, ancient animals of china scholars, in particular Pterosaur studies is a major event.

12.the sedimentology of this site reflects a paleoenvironment of lake shoreline where Pterosaur tracks occur.

13.sanya Pterosaur is the most precious in our museum. it was found in jehol biota and located in sanya, so given the name.

14.this is huge for a Pterosaur.'s a giant flying replica of a Pterosaur that has no tail.

16.discovery of a new Pterosaur from western liaoning, china

17.when a Pterosaur walked or remained stationary, the fourth finger, and with it the wing, could only turn upward in an extended inverted v-shape along each side of the animal's body.