Psychic Sentence Examples | Use Psychic in a sentence don't have to believe i'm Psychic.

2.a Psychic gestalt may seem impersonal to you, but its energy forms your person.

3.Psychic healer edgar cayce claimed to have had Psychic knowledge of atlantean texts which assisted him in his prophecies and cures.

4.mila's former Psychic teacher always would say that fear was due to a lack of knowledge. is within this sort of Psychic nebula that the sense of core weight and flowering lightness originate.

6.ah, and i assume that's why you need a Psychic. is the reason for an increased interest in angels and people'becoming'more Psychic and mystical.

8.the Psychic energy exploded in a flash of creation.

9.investigation and relativity study on Psychic reaction of cancer patients.

10.the conjunction of mars and neptune gives the personality strong Psychic magnetism.

11.we note that as you rise up in consciousness there has been a sudden jump in the number of people discovering they have Psychic abilities. she went to a Psychic, the kind who can see in a dark room, and said that she wanted to contact the soul of her grandmother.

13.this aspect stimulates interest in spiritual issues and produces a degree of Psychic energy, even spiritual delusion.

14.the total number of powers a Psychic rogue can manifest in a day is limited only by his daily power points.

15.see? i told you i was Psychic.

16.i'm a Psychic with the police department.

17.who seemed to have had an almost Psychic vision of technology.

18.the fact that this Psychic completely failed should not surprise anyone.

19.trevor helped police by using his Psychic powers.

20.we were not made aware that a Psychic was hired on this case.

21.Psychic changes have been commonly observed, as well as daytime somnolence, nocturnal insomnia, and partial blindness.

22.sometimes the forces of the dark construct Psychic machinery that overrides terra's will again causing her harm.

23.chronic abuse can lead to marked tolerance& Psychic dependence.

24.friend and Psychic uri geller said he feared it may have been the "stress" of jackson's planned comeback tour that killed him.

25.the physical and the Psychic, or unconscious, sides of your nature are successfully blended. is the story of one frog and his discussing with his Psychic.

27.afterwards, i shall pity myself because such an injustice can only happen to me, and enjoy once more Psychic masochistic pleasure.

28.mars forms a favorable aspect with neptune in your chart energizing your Psychic nature.

29.what she wanted was, he said, satisfaction: "physical at least as much as Psychic, sex as much as soul. "

30.he declared his total disbelief in Psychic phenomena.

31.all that is knows no other. it does not know whether or not other Psychic gestalts like itself may exist. it is constantly searching.

32.get in touch with your inner Psychic? you talked to a Psychic. do not need a spirit entity to develop and use, a Psychic ability.

35.these truths cause individuals much Psychic pain.

36.q.then, is it Psychic method of treatment?

37.but you are not Psychic.

38.if "my Psychic" had anything to do with convicting their client. also lose touch with your natural Psychic abilities.