Psychiatry Sentence Examples | Use Psychiatry in a sentence Psychiatry, the dialogue between doctor and patient is usually guided along the lines which the psychiatrist regards as most useful.

2.i didn't do all that well in Psychiatry in medical school, but i was interested, and i think this was seriously delusional.

3.( Psychiatry) marked by exaggerated feelings of euphoria and delusions of grandeur.

4.a well-respected 2008 study in the journal of clinical Psychiatry found a doubled risk for depression among teens who took the drug.

5.some people don't believe in Psychiatry, and i don't know if i believe in it, either, '' she said.

6.freud was the father of Psychiatry.

7.jonathan savitz, md, told medscape Psychiatry that dr. phillips's discoveries might be very useful for researchers as well as clinicians.

8.are we done with this Psychiatry bullshit? you can leave!

9.she had been seen by experts in neurology, infectious disease, rheumatology , ear, nose and throat surgery, Psychiatry.

10.and yet despite this, the issue of free will in Psychiatry seems almost completely neglected outside of forensics.

11.Psychiatry is an accepted branch of medicine.

12.dr. benjamin rush, also known as the father of american Psychiatry, was among the first to promote the notion that alcoholism was a disease.

13.Psychiatry already plays its part in encouraging conformity.

14.dept of child Psychiatry, institute of Psychiatry, kings college.

15.these findings were published in the latest issue of general hospital Psychiatry.

16.and, from Psychiatry and psychology, we may even have made a start on the understanding of genius.

17.dr bernstein admits, though, that many film depictions of Psychiatry and mental disorders are terrible.

18.i am currently a professor of anthropology and Psychiatry.

19.but what is clear is that current pharmaceutical industry investment in academic Psychiatry is prevalent.

20.this month, the american journal of Psychiatry published a study of computer-based training for cognitive-behavioral therapy.

21.the condition is practically unknown outside Psychiatry clinics.

22.the pilot study was published in january in the international journal of geriatric Psychiatry.

23.but a new study, published in the journal of child Psychiatry and psychology, suggests that children might actually benefit from watching their parents sort problems out.

24.research communications in biological psychology and Psychiatry

25.i ll tell you, you look at it, up until freud, the last century, there was nothing called psychology or Psychiatry.

26.reviewed by the doctors at the cleveland clinic department of Psychiatry and psychology.

27.caleb adler, an assistant professor of Psychiatry and neuroscience at the university of cincinnati college of medicine.

28.Psychiatry: branch of medicine concerned with mental disorders.

29.the anonymous blogger on clinical psychology and Psychiatry blog discussed that study here.

30.earlier this year an editorial by a leading practitioner in the american journal of Psychiatry argued in favour of such a move.

31.the concept of transference was formally brought into Psychiatry by sigmund freud.

32.epidemiology, public health research, health services research, primary care, and Psychiatry.

33.this is called negative symptom in Psychiatry.

34.a physician who specializes in Psychiatry.

35.application of standardized patient in Psychiatry

36.this is an important, expertly executed epidemiological study, said catherine monk, an associate professor of clinical psychology at columbia who conducts research in perinatal Psychiatry and neuroscience. it provides compelling evidence that our mental health trajectories are initiated early in development.

37.Psychiatry and economics are different. do not need to consult Psychiatry to assess capacity unless mental illness impairs decision making.

39.the j journal of t the america academy of child and adolescent Psychiatry published the study.

40.he decided to devote himself to the study of Psychiatry.