Protester Sentence Examples | Use Protester in a sentence

1.murdoch leapt quickly to her feet from her chair just behind her husband, swung her arm in a great arch and punched the Protester.

2.later that year, the swede was hit in the face by a Protester while giving a lecture at uppsala university. were an antiwar Protester? Protester at the scene said the man was in his 30s and died of natural causes, the press association news agency reported. officials bundled the Protester out of the building and security guards fanned out across the stage. officials quickly removed the Protester from the auditorium arresting him later on suspicion of a public order offense.

7.there was a single blanket on the floor and two other prisoners inside, one of them a Protester he had been arrested with.

8.a corporation is a basic social organization, a basic manufacture and business unit to create social fortune. and it is not only responsible for social fortune but also a Protester for social equity and justice. a corporation and society become an in separately organic whole.

9.'you bought a private home,' the policeman told the irate Protester. 'prices will go up or down. it's just like investing in the stock market.'

10.the policies i have seen are either crazy ( one Protester railed on a video about closing the federal reserve and abolishing fiat money) or have little chance of gaining wide support.

11.a police officer arrested the Protester, identified by the british press association as a man known as "jonnie marbles" on the social networking service twitter.

12.a senior news corp lawyer was knocked off her feet, the Protester was taken out in handcuffs and the hearing was briefly suspended. guy ran out of a tavern with a revolver and aimed it at a female Protester, who kicked the gun out of his hands using a karate move.

14.internet chat rooms were filled with patriotic messages denouncing the Protester, who did not appear to be ethnic han chinese. the nearby city of homs, thousands attended the funeral of a Protester killed in a previous demonstration.

16.indeed, he sometimes sounded like just another anti-globalisation Protester.

17.the Protesters say the government is corrupt and inefficient.

18.a Protester who has spent a third night in a tree has no intention of coming down within the next few days. Protester said: this is wrapped up in a very stylish way but it is just selling sex.

20.our stupid commissioner of police has the nerve to say that the video below showing a police officer hitting a Protester could be fake!

21.a church of england spokesman described rev williamson as a serial Protester.

22.the Protester's voice was full of anger.

23."i will sleep here. a lot of us we will sleep here," said steven taylor, 24 a Protester who arrived equipped with a backpack and a sleeping bag.

24.we're working the Protester angle.

25.uniformed secret service agents led the Protester away.

26.the trouble in paris came a day after the torch made a difficult journey through a snowy london, where a Protester managed to break through security and momentarily grip the torch.

27.ain't nothing i hate worse than a draft-dodging hippie Protester.

28."there's a war in libya, there's a war in afghanistan, there's a war in iraq and we have cuts in education, social programs," said a masked Protester who declined to be identified. the Protester, they represent the problem.

30.thousands of mourners tried to return to pearl square in manama, the capital, after a funeral for an anti-government Protester.

31.another society Protester said he wanted to be called a climate agnostic rather than a sceptic.

32.the environmental Protester stepped over a knee-high barrier to attach the masks with the word "co2, " or carbon dioxide.

33.standing on the roof of the destroyed security headquarters on sunday, mohammed al-huni, a young Protester, recalled the fight.

34.a Protester with the occupy movement sits in his makeshift shelter at a camp in finsbury square in london.