Properties Sentence Examples | Use Properties in a sentence

1.Properties and methods are what make objects functional and usable. has been used for cough and fever and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Properties. of the astonishing Properties of this superfluid is that it flows uphill.

4.Properties are values that govern the characteristics of shapes and connectors in uml diagrams.

5.the performance of applications can be described in terms of two distinct Properties: throughput and response time.

6.scientists claim to have identified natural substances with cancer-combating Properties

7.the chemical Properties of these surface differ considerably, particularly in their reaction to etchants.

8.many of the Properties are in a desperate state but none is too far gone to save.

9.the allotropes of carbon include diamond, graphite and charcoal, all with the same chemical Properties.

10.we now have to decide what these Properties are.

11.each of these motors has different characteristics due to its basic circuit arrangement and physical Properties.

12.the Properties of this tracking method are compared with that of the bearings-only tracking method.

13.the difficulty comes in trying to mass-produce the nanoscale Properties of the material that make it so efficient. defines a framework and a model for the expression of these Properties as policies.

15.notedepending on the type of file you are saving, you might be able to add file Properties like tags at the time that you save the file.

16.essentially the catalytic Properties of clay minerals arise because of their ability to donate protons or accept electrons in reaction mechanisms.

17.the very best Properties, however, the colonial mansions and villas, were reserved for the government.

18.ginseng is generally known for its tonic Properties.

19.the group had a plan to acquire Properties 'in various parts of the mexican republic' to be used as safe houses, he said.

20.there are many Properties in rhapsody to control and customize the design.

21.this set of Properties is often associated with an item class, as we discussed in the answer to the previous question.

22.the most desirable Properties necessarily command astonishingly high prices

23.we can distinguish one kind of substance from another by its Properties.

24.police mounted round-the-clock guards on Properties last night.

25.those who come unstuck are the ones who cannot sell the Properties on fast enough.

26.the task's display name, description, and documentation can also be specified as Properties.

27.each manager had responsibility for just under 600 Properties

28.the antiseptic Properties of copper sulphate have never been questioned.

29.Properties such as adhesion in the case of tire cords and dyeability in the case of carpet yarns can be affected by the surface composition of the fiber.

30.and foreclosed Properties now owned by the bank are worth far less than their original loan amount.

31.a natural or synthetic crystalline material having piezoelectric or semiconducting Properties. leaves us with a dualism of Properties, or qualities, that is just as baffling.

33.Properties file; the password used for access to a private key must be supplied by a callback.

34.a radio signal has both electrical and magnetic Properties.

35.each data object provides read and write access methods ( getters and setters) for its Properties.

36.electrons or any other "particle" should display wave Properties to preserve the complementary wave-particle symmetry of nature.

37.whether such Properties are a good deal will depend on individual situations that you have created a new component, it is time to configure its attributes and Properties.

39.the physicochemical Properties of radix pueraria thomsonii starch were investigated and compared with that of potato starch.

40.the firm's sales of repossessed Properties is up by 40 per cent.