Proper Sentence Examples | Use Proper in a sentence

1.i would have thought it a Proper job for the army to fight rebellion

2.the offender made Proper restitution to the victim's kindred.

3.this is not the Proper way to handle the matter, to say the least.

4.i always cook a Proper evening meal.

5.nevertheless, he made a significant and lasting mark on the journal thanks to his predilection for the use of Proper language.

6.he has urged them to come to an equitable compromise that gives hughes his Proper due

7.the knee-jerk reaction to this is to call for Proper security in all hospitals.

8.he found what he was saying was not Proper for the occasion and he stopped short.

9.don't restrict her Proper activities.

10.the bbc thought it was right and Proper not to show the film.

11.ground controllers will then fire the booster, sending the satellite into its Proper orbit.

12.he helped to put things in their Proper place.

13.Proper measures were taken as soon as the erroneous ideas cropped up.

14.two out of five people lack a Proper job

15.remember that it takes on average between six months and a year to do Proper market research. those days it was not thought entirely Proper for a woman to be on the stage

17.the Proper use of a diamond blade in the construction field requires more than just a good diamond blade and a machine . as you think Proper.

19.we often neglect to make Proper use of our bodies

20.if you can manage to boost it a bit, well consider giving you a Proper rate of discount.

21.the town has already put in a Proper sewerage system.

22.passengers must carry Proper documentation.

23.this is not the Proper way.

24.Proper worship would have been impossible if god had not taken the initiative to make himself known.

25.i'm afraid this isn't the Proper way to handle the case.

26.i saved some of the Proper red stuff in a ginger beer bottle over the last job to write with but it went thick like glue and i can't use it. that the inittab file has been read and all the Proper processes have been executed, the system is at a login waiting for you! twenty years of marriage he has only taken two Proper vacations.

29.the Proper role of appeal judges is an issue that has long exercised the finest legal minds.

30.why should i vote for any one of you when such a bill can be passed without Proper debate?

31.britain imposed fines on airlines which bring in passengers without Proper papers

32.catherine demonstrated the Proper way to cleanse the face.

33.there were no Proper toilets, but only an outdoor latrine

34.for instance, paying you a bonus as ceo or declaring perks for yourself or taking money out of the company without Proper authorization.

35.later i realized that it is not so easy to make an flying airplane without Proper engine and precise design.

36.this formulation is not Proper.

37.more people will be doing the work with Proper supervision and thus, more safely. far as i am aware, no Proper investigation has ever been carried out into the subject.

39.a distinction must be made between archaeology Proper and science-based archaeology.

40.the astronauts will attach a motor that will boost the satellite into its Proper orbit