Prominently Sentence Examples | Use Prominently in a sentence

1.human rights violations figured Prominently in the report.

2.his picture appeared Prominently in every private dwelling.

3.low value-added items such as footwear and clothing all figure Prominently.

4.if you look at how el nino affects all the nations around the pacific rim, australia is often thought of Prominently in that regard.

5.olive oil and garlic feature Prominently in his recipes.

6.she figured Prominently in the last act. the interests of full transparency, the lists of beneficiaries have been displayed Prominently on village walls. a new method of design for testability build-in self-test can Prominently improve the testability of the circuits.

9.this news was Prominently featured in all the papers.

10.the name " lim bo seng" occurs Prominently in records of events during the japanese occupation. which of these bore the name?

11.nor is this the only example of morality and religion figuring more Prominently in european public life.

12.bush has already said iran will feature Prominently in the talks with hu.

13.they may also have pictures of serene landscapes, group photos and other personal items Prominently displayed.

14.not surprisingly, technology and software development companies also figure Prominently in this movement. is only among the worst performers of the decade that stock markets from more developed economies feature Prominently.

16.the colour of the goalkeeper's jersey should be Prominently different from that of the jerseys worn by other players and the referee.

17.make your own environmental policy and Prominently display it at all locations.

18.during this mission, the command post is functioning Prominently.

19.he said he couldn't resist the temptation of dishes with meat and that meat would always feature Prominently in his ideal diet.

20.other issues that figured Prominently in our survey – such as malaria and tuberculosis – mainly affect men, women and children in the developing world.

21.the license has no expiration date and must be displayed Prominently in the facility to which it applies.

22.nikola was once known as the father-in-law of europe, with daughters married, most Prominently, into the italian and russian royal families.

23.Prominently reflect national interests in the basic research activities.

24.this point of view is Prominently reflected in historical conception, historiography objective, research areas, and research methods.

25.if included, this section must be Prominently cross-referenced on the cover page of the prospectus.

26.this disease should figure Prominently in textbooks of clinical medicine.

27.since ancient times, the elusive concept of wisdom has figured Prominently in philosophical and religious texts.

28.they denied that violence and intimidation had figured Prominently in achieving the decision.

29.among one of his plans was the creation of an insane clone of obi-wan that would figure Prominently in the events of the thrawn trilogy. this process the european union has figured most Prominently, he said.

31.he was photographed drinking in bars the evening before races, in one instance Prominently displaying his middle finger.

32.the enron-era scandals, in which mba graduates featured Prominently, prompted similar anxieties.

33.because is away from far, the cheek very is as if all attractive, nobody appears specially Prominently.

34.the question of the peace settlement is likely to Prominently in the talks.

35.the practical application showed that this system can reduce failure rate effectively and improve economic benefit Prominently.

36.his name figures Prominently in our list.

37.this issue will figure Prominently in the next election.

38.but more Prominently displayed unit prices in shops and advertisements would be a great help.

39.campbell figured Prominently in documents filed in the wage fixing case that apple agreed to settle this year.