Procrastinator Sentence Examples | Use Procrastinator in a sentence

1.he says the smart Procrastinator can earn a reputation for productivity while giving in to the urge to delay.

2.and the critics, all of whom are sitting in the back row there, they have to have an opinion, so they say, "hamlet is a Procrastinator. "

3.the old joke goes like this: what's a Procrastinator's busiest day? answer: tomorrow.

4.analysis: most might call sam a Procrastinator, but i only see that she has a weakness in scheduling her time.

5.but if you are a chronic Procrastinator, you will have trouble seeing the process, and instead you see only the final product ( the super thin, six pack physique; or the perfectly done work project that impresses your boss and his boss). evokes action and passion and a perfect color if you tend to be a Procrastinator.

7.if you admit to being a Procrastinator, others will probably try hard to find something nice to say about you.

8.if you don't do it in most of the areas of your life, then probably you are not a Procrastinator.

9.i used to be a conscientious and diligent person, but modern technology has turned me into a Procrastinator of the highest order.

10.if a Procrastinator doesn't want to work on something, it won't help to have nothing else to do.

11.if the very last moment is always now, you'll be the world's most productive Procrastinator.

12.for starters, be honest. admit that you are a Procrastinator, and admit that it is a flaw.

13.if "the very last moment" is always "now" , you'll be the world's most productive Procrastinator. know you are a Procrastinator and you have put off dealing with it as long as possible.

15.molly : you're such a Procrastinator. even at christmas time, you leave everything to the last minute.

16.on the actual studying behavior, there exit a remarkable difference between Procrastinator and non-Procrastinator, intention-behavior gap is the causation.

17.or are you just a Procrastinator?

18.i will become a member of the ancient order of two-headed turtles ( the Procrastinator's society) if they ever get it organized. may ask: why should i want to know how to be a better Procrastinator?

20.the Procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely and important tasks, as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important.

21.this is also a great help if you are a Procrastinator.

22.however, when tomorrow becomes today, the Procrastinator keeps delaying.

23.don't accuse yourself of being lazy or being a Procrastinator, but ask – what's making this so difficult?

24.disorganized Procrastinator: do you feel like every time you send her an email it gets sucked into a black vortex, never to be seen again? give us the ability to make up for what we lack in native powers. the Procrastinator has tools that allow him to manipulate himself to achieve results he can't get with willpower alone.

26.but, the Procrastinator in all of us doesn't have to win.

27.the initiative Procrastinators, compared with passive Procrastinator, have a higher academic self-efficacy, strong time management skills and higher self assessment.

28.second, don't sit around feeling bad because you lack willpower. that will make you a depressed Procrastinator but won't help you get anything done.

29.i am a Procrastinator. i always have been.