Pro rata Sentence Examples | Use Pro rata in a sentence is one thing to start life as a new country debt free, another to do so because you have just reneged on a Pro rata share of uk debt of&# 163; 100bn.

2.thereafter, Pro rata to all partners of the blackstone holdings partnerships in accordance with their respective partnership interests.

3.the third is that Pro rata education should be implemented, which make the disabled people equally enjoying the education resources; computing circuit method of apportionment on a Pro rata basis

5.these aren't people who are going to compete for increasing Pro rata in the future.

6.a stock dividend is a Pro rata distribution of additional shares of a corporation's stock to the stockholders.

7.the surplus Pro rata distribution method which the hospital has adopted up to now reflects the unfairness of single efficiency and opportunity.

8.each of the property owners which may cause the danger of throwing objects shall be liable on Pro rata basis and compensate for the damage so caused under the principle of equality. responsibility using the modified cora-3 pattern recognition algorithm established by i.

9.unless otherwise specified in the contract, in the event that the sum insured is less than the insured value, the insurer shall undertake the obligation for indemnity Pro rata of the sum insured to the insured value.

10.the linear dimming system makes the radiance of the sphere exit portal decrease Pro rata 10% from the maximum radiance. time is paid for Pro rata.

12.and it goes up to3% for purchases exceeding$ 300000 and4% for$ 400000 and Pro rata. my experience good firms do the right thing, e.g., doing their Pro rata unless the company is outright failing or management is poor and/ or unethical and untrustworthy, and often times step up to lead the round.

14.if a block order is partially filled, the order will be allocated among the accounts specified on the trade ticket on a Pro rata basis in proportion to the intended allocation.

15.someone who works 20 hours a week and who delivers exceptional results on a Pro rata basis should be eligible for promotions and viewed as a top performer.

16.this article considers the warranty policies of a repairable system consisting of one component, involving two kinds of the new warranty policies: the free warranty and the Pro rata warranty. entitlement for part-time staff is calculated Pro rata.

18.lian: provided that the reduction in price is Pro rata, we can go along with that.

19.where the periods of application of restraints of these products do not coincide with each other, this provision shall be applied to any overlapping period on a Pro rata basis.

20.Pro rata liability clause

21.the shares of stock have been first offered to the corporation at a price computed on a Pro rata basis according to section 4 ( d) of this agreement research on the pricing problem of non-tradable stock transfer of listed company

22.the cash or scrip would be offered as part of a Pro rata return of capital to shareholders. part three, we discuss the law bases of the minority protection and theoretical foundation. the difference between shareholder equal principle and Pro rata principle and its relation to minority protection are clarified.

24.the output of capacitance grid transducer and the testing displacement share Pro rata.

25.without nuclear power and with other fuels filling in its share Pro rata, emissions from generation would have been about 11 billion tonnes.

26.all part-timers should be paid the same, Pro rata, as full-timers doing the same job.

27.Pro rata distribution; proportional allocation; proportional distribution

28.multiform of assessment methods are used Pro rata and in multi-aspects in the assessment to units and individuals. the assessment is all-around, scientific and advanced. 3.

29.the theory analysis and compare ( results) of complete stress-strain curve show that load, stress, extend and strain increase Pro rata, complete stress-strain curves present straight line relation in root system initial stage after tension.

30.moreover, scotland would presumably inherit a Pro rata share of uk net public debt, forecast by the uk treasury to peak at 71 per cent of gdp in 2013-14.

31.last but not the least, the essay tries to make feasibility analysis as follows, the establishment of the contingency fee system, partial reward to the claimant shareholder and the Pro rata contribution to the litigation cost.

32.chiyoda mutual life insurance co. in the former case the company shall retain a premium calculated on short term rate basis for the time the policy has been in force while in the latter case such premium shall be calculated on Pro rata daily basis.

33.Pro rata adjustment of z-bus loss allocation