Print Sentence Examples | Use Print in a sentence

1.the slovene bank has Printed a specimen bank note

2.a contact Print is in the size of a book, but it can be used to enlarge pictures or to have the picture Printed on it directly.

3.i'm looking at the small Print; i don't want to sign anything that i shouldn't sign

4.i selected two negatives to Print from.

5.asmus became friendly with a number of writers and appeared in Print as a literary critic.

6.the shirts were Printed with a paisley pattern

7.laser Printers give high quality Print.

8.grab a copy of the ad from our site and Print it out, circle what you want and keep it on your side at all times.

9.there was no room for that, for there was exactly the very Print of a foot, toes, heel and every part of a foot.

10.'Print is still pretty important round here but, wherever possible, if there is an opportunity, we are moving out of it. '

11.your Print job has been sent to the network Print queue. have to type in commands, such as 'help' and 'Print'

13.the company has for some time Printed its phone number on its products a few days, the website will let tourists Print the tickets, allowing them to go straight to the entrance, she said.

15.this might be a good time for button's management to study the fine Print of his contract.

16.we Print a selection of previously unseen photos from the spanish rider's early years.

17.he crawled from Print to Print, sniffing at the earth, following the scent left in the tracks. this living room we've mixed glorious floral Prints.

19.please write your name and address in Print.

20.there was one perfect swingy satin pea coat, the exaggerated collar in black shading down into a leopard Print, refined and feral.

21.there was no immediate prospect of the diaries getting into Print.

22.thus the garden was of modest but reasonable size, as is well shown in loggan's Print of the college in 1690. this was newton's garden.

23.Printing a black-and-white negative on to colour paper produces a similar monochrome effect

24.her mother wore one of her dark summer Prints

25.we found that television and radio gave rise to far fewer complaints than did the Printed media.

26.fresh Prints of both girls were found in the flat.

27.Print out the words "defeat resistance" and put it somewhere visible as you work. that will help remind you to be aware of resistance.

28.many of their books have been in Print for nearly 40 years.

29.'ecu' was Printed in lower case rather than capital letters.

30.Print your name and address on a postcard and send it to us. Print, words need to be divided carefully and consistently, taking account of the appearance and structure of the word.

32.many of these poets appeared in Print only long after their deaths are advised to read the small Print of household and motor insurance policies.

34.our brochure is Printed on environmentally-friendly paper

35.i believe the book is now out of Print, but it can easily be borrowed from libraries.

36.i have been convinced that the Print media are more accurate and more reliable than television.

37.service suppliers are able to set up the data in one place and Print out the mail at a remote location, no matter how far away.

38.we can only Print letters which are accompanied by the writer's name and address.