Preemption Sentence Examples | Use Preemption in a sentence

1.he said a rights issue was "more value creative" and respected uk shareholders' Preemption rights.

2.this drives the wakeup Preemption.

3.the leases are not subject to any options or rights of Preemption or first refusal in favour of any third parties.

4.perhaps the area in which Preemption is most likely to be found is interstate transportation.

5.note that cfs has no real notion of time slices for Preemption, because the Preemption time is variable.

6.certain critical sections of the kernel code are locked against Preemption.

7.the supreme court has set forth various factors which are to be considered in Preemption cases.

8.if there's anything more annoying than gloating, it's the lame little ploy we call envy Preemption.

9.Preemption handles this issue automatically, without any specific intervention by an application developer.

10.if Preemption happens here, then upon reschedule, the fpu state is completely different from what was there before Preemption.

11.Preemption of an nhrt by gc can be a serious problem if the nhrt is performing a time-critical function.

12.evan fixed our thread support and added some Preemption.

13.therefore, the author tried to put forward the analysis of the effect of native statutory Preemption of real estate.

14.locking should ensure both that per-cpu data structures and state are always protected against Preemption.

15.fine, but if Preemption is to be adopted as a doctrine, it has to encompass more than one rogue state.

16.even uniprocessor systems must disable Preemption in this way to avoid race conditions. transportation-related area in which Preemption problems have arisen with some frequency relates to airport noise.

18.for example, federal statutes might explicitly preempt, or explicitly waive any Preemption of, state law.

19.Preemption is sharing the cpu transparently by temporarily pausing one thread to allow another to execute.

20.the competition equilibrium among the enterprises can result in Preemption equilibrium and simultaneous investment equilibrium.

21.involvement is of a knowing nature, with no hidden controls or Preemption of direction by the researcher.

22.hence, there is less reason for courts to apply Preemption doctrines expansively when agency regulations are involved.

23.the happening of the 9? 11 stimulated the output of the new Preemption strategy. controversial Preemption issue involves nuclear energy.

25.the Preemption in the trade of estate was denied in the statute during qing dynasty though it had been a long time since it existed.

26.fpu mode is another case where the state of the cpu should be protected from Preemption.

27.research on admission control with Preemption mechanism in wimax qos

28.of these, the way of imposing had great influence on the existence of the Preemption.

29.this reluctance to infer Preemption makes sense, because the agency can readily adopt an express Preemption regulation.

30.Preemption control strategy and optimization in embedded real-time system

31.a new lsp Preemption algorithm for ds-te network

32.Preemption is one of the handiest tools in the art of public relations.

33.the kernel Preemption case is handled by the spinlock code itself.

34.true, administration officials have said that Preemption can take nonmilitary forms.

35.race conditions are only an issue where interrupts and/ or Preemption are possible and where critical sections exist.

36.Preemption and better support for multiprocessor architectures move it closer to an operating system that's useful both on the desktop and on the real-time system.

37.this would give agencies "primary jurisdiction" over Preemption matters.

38.because of this synchronization, when using core jls services, you must exercise care to avoid the problem of nhrt Preemption by gc ( see lock contention between nhrts and rt threads).