Prank Sentence Examples | Use Prank in a sentence's all just a Prank.

2.he didn't know why he'd done it, but the look in her eyes made him realize how cruel his Prank was.

3.the mail was a Prank.

4.someone seems to have pulled a quite serious Prank.

5.when i asked him to stop this Prank, he was still a mouthful;

6.come on, it was just a silly camp Prank., my friends thought it would be funny to Prank me with a fake winning lottery ticket.

8.called a "fool's day joke" Prank you will be forgiven.

9.the theft may have been a Prank or targeted deliberately for sale to a collector, police said.

10.he thought the cheering was just a Prank, and didn't believe he'd made the shot until he saw the replay. started out as a Prank.

12.if it's a Prank, it should be animal blood.'s ended up in a senior Prank more than once.

14.look, i don't mind a harmless Prank.

15.both sisters eventually admitted that they had actually faked the sounds--there had been no murdered peddler, it had all been a Prank.

16.hiding our teacher's bike from her was a great Prank. she was looking for it for hours!

17.i apologize to him for hurting his feels, and for the Prank my friends and i played on him.

18.this is a great Prank to pull on a roommate!

19.great! a Prank call! that's it. we're going to stay in a hotel tonight.

20.nobody likes you when you're23 and are still more amused by Prank phone calls.

21.perhaps tickled by the Prank he was about to play, marcel duchamp purchased a bedfordshire urinal. you can freely test as you can imagine with all the Prank so exciting picture can help you to lift their spirits?

23.i was sure the receptionist must have made a mistake, or that it was a Prank call.

24.some friends playeda Prank on him.

25.later on, we found out that it was one of our friends playing a Prank on us.

26.some people may feel angry about this childhood Prank gone way awry, but i personally enjoyed it all.

27.somebody's playing a Prank on me.

28.up until this point, i had assumed it was some youths playing a Prank with me.

29.i didn't feel scared cause li appeared too quickly, thus made me see through their Prank.

30.i don't think it's a Prank, no.

31.i've been getting really weird Prank phone calls all night.

32.he knew it was a Prank? swore you'd never fall for another april fool's day Prank.

34.what kind of sick Prank are you trying to play?

35.a schoolboy joke, Prank, etc.

36.look, it was a Prank call, okay?

37.this most naughty Prank of mine convinced my parents that i must be taught as soon as possible.

38.i thought the Prank was pretty funny, and i mentioned it to my father.

39.i would tell myself that was amends enough for a harmless Prank.