Praising Sentence Examples | Use Praising in a sentence

1.oh, you're Praising me! exactly hit off the nature of this association when you call it a mutual Praising society. spin such high-day wit in Praising him.

4.critics gave variety of commentaries and criticism on his literary works, mainly positive and Praising.

5.i'm not good at Praising someone, during your life career, you had never wasted it.

6.once i launched the product, women all over the country were sending in comments Praising me for the "invention" that changed their lives. father was always Praising her to my sisters and to me, be- cause she pretended to nothing she did not feel.

8.there is nothing like a bit of naming, shaming and Praising.

9.immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue was loosed, and he began to speak, Praising god.

10.Praising beautiful things and exposing ugly phenomenon is the quality that artist must possess. one ever mentions the philharmonic orchestra without Praising it.

12.that would create even more hostility than a movie Praising north korea.

13.he is worth Praising, for he has done so many good deeds.

14.i re member Praising the picture she had over the mantelpiece. say a woman is talented and scholarly is like Praising a flower for balancing on the scale with a cabbage or potato-utterly pointless.

16.she suffers all pupil's patriarch's highly Praising and respect.

17.rumors of your might have swept the province and a group of loud-mouthed bakemono-sho Praising your greatness has joined your armies.

18.ballads Praising feminine delicacy, beauty and fragility.

19.miss smith was Praising you today, john.

20.his selfless spirit is worth Praising.

21.heaven is Praising our love.

22.Praising my savior all the day long.

23.but after a while, some people started Praising the clothes.

24.every night he listens to my troubles, cooing his understanding or Praising me with an encouraging fart.

25.many of them made a point of Praising the film's pithy dialogue.

26.i am help her with promoting your vanity by keepng on Praising you all the time.

27.far from Praising her, i'll criticize her.

28.and everybody back home is Praising you.

29.repeated experiments have demonstrated the value of Praising effort rather than innate talent.

30.immediately he stood up in front of them, took what he had been lying on and went home Praising god.

31.his fine qualities deserved Praising.

32.i'm Praising your physical virtue. lauding the victorious nations, the fifa president also made a point of Praising those who missed out.'s too exciting! i couldn't help Praising him.

35.thanking him, Praising him, for all that he's done;

36.for my part, i just want to put as much effort in as i can, and it meant a lot to hear my team-mates Praising me afterwards.

37.i can refuse to acknowledge your compliment, but you can continue Praising me anyway.

38.they tickled his vanity by Praising his work.

39.the poet addressed many poems to his mistress, Praising her beauty.