Power Sentence Examples | Use Power in a sentence

1.the planes are Powered by rolls royce engines.

2.the Powers that be, in this case the independent television association, banned the advertisement altogether

3.in such a situation, it would be easy for the mine to exploit the Power station by suddenly jacking up the price of coal.

4.human societies have the Power to solve the problems confronting them

5.the oil companies have lost their Power over oil price and oil production.

6.however, the java language's Power is often most evident when you use a little creativity in your api and programming choices.

7.the roadrunner had better Power, better tyres, and better brakes.

8.she interviewed six women who have reached positions of great Power and influence

9.any number to the Power of nought is equal to one.

10.the 'flywheel' battery, it is said, could Power an electric car for 600 miles on a single charge

11.in a democracy, Power must be divided.

12.although it is not in his Power to do so, he said he would rebuild the air base

13.even spain, with its new anglo-saxon business culture, tried to stop a german utility from taking over a spanish Power company.

14.the police have the Power of arrest

15.in western eyes, iraq is a major Power in an area of great strategic importance.

16.the money to build the Power station ought to have been sufficient.

17.there is enough Power to run up to four lights.

18.the party has been in Power since independence in 1964.

19.the rebels dynamited Power lines

20.the speed, Power, and ammo of the orca also makes it a prime choice for taking out husks.

21.with 1. 3 billion people like this, able to grind out the toughest and most grim situations, no wonder they will be the next super Power.

22.high winds have knocked down trees and Power lines

23.the Powers that be may keep us from building a house just where we want to.

24.he first assumed Power in 1970

25.he was so drunk that he had lost the Power of speech.

26.unless you choose to do great things with it, it makes no difference how much you are rewarded, or how much Power you have.

27.the kingdom's Power declined.

28.Power has been restored to most parts that were hit last night by high winds

29.we must do everything in our Power to ensure the success of the conference.

30.i had finally met my match in Power and intellect.

31.nuclear Power is cleaner than coal

32.sexual harassment is often a display of Power aimed at intimidating and degrading the harassed person.

33.the legal Powers of british customs officers are laid out in the customs and excise management act of 1969.

34.yet markus willeke has found a way of investing watercolour painting with a new task, up-to-date relevance and astounding Power.

35.Power said it was unclear whether the commission could end the duties on its own, or if eu governments would be able to weigh in.

36.in 1964 labour came into Power

37.fathers have the Power to dominate children and young people

38.your debt situation is only temporary, and it is within your Power to resolve it

39.all sports coaches believe passionately in the Power of the team to lift performance not by just a little, but by 100%.

40.the prime minister has the Power to dismiss and appoint senior ministers