Pothook Sentence Examples | Use Pothook in a sentence

1.therefore, the study of land consolidation model suitable for hilly-mountainous region in the future should be based on projects and engineering combining the utilization of policy tool, especially to combine farmland consolidation and the Pothook of city construction land increase and rural residential land decrease.

2.die design for the guide-lock Pothook

3.Pothook formed at one side of said shelf support;

4.taking the Pothook tractive force and the traction coefficient as the evaluating indicators of trafficability.

5.envelope keeping Pothook silk-screen drilling

6.design and application of Pothook for drainage pack

7.study on Pothook of city construction land increase and rural residential land decrease

8.feasibility study on "Pothook" of urban and rural construction land projects in hilly regions& a case study of beibei jingguan project area in chongqing city

9.the utility model consists of a clothes rack, clamp core posts, a clothes Pothook, and clamps.

10.production cost is vital to an enterprise, how to control production cost is the most important civic event, the paper introduce the optimal design of setting plate for Pothook.

11.the novel drainage bag is characterized in that the lifting handle is fixedly provided with a Pothook needle.

12.a brief introduction of the inner arch structure built of the Pothook refractory brick for tunnel kiln

13.multi-functional spring with hock to standard Pothook without any tooling.

14.in the urban and rural construction land "Pothook", scientific planning and layout of the feasibility, is to ensure that the guarantee of the smooth implementation of the project. nowadays, the ageing of the population in china is so significant.